Mummies Footwear Raises Time Travel Questions

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Last year, a mummy found in Central Asia, was believed to be the first complete Turkik burial found. This mummy, seemingly appears to be wearing shoes manufactured by the adidas shoe company. Formerly known as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik) between 1924 –1949. One person noted, that the shoes seem to have four stripes, perhaps these were made then by K-Swiss?

The mummy found, is a woman who died from blunt head trauma, according to scientists. The shoes resembles a variation of a shoe manufactured back from the early 1980’s.

When a team of archaeologists discovered the remains of this woman, they estimated her at being around 1,500 years old, from Mongolia. Her feet were wrapped in such a way, that they resembled a more modern looking sneaker type shoe. It is quite fascinating, how her footwear appears to us today.

adidas shoes on mummy remains

Initially, when news of this was shared, social media went wild…touting this as being the adidas-wearing shoe mummy. After all, her footwear is quite unusual for her alleged age.

While far fetched, this raises questions about her having been a time traveler of sorts. Perhaps this is actual evidence of someone time traveling. Speculations by some people point towards there being more technology, that the general public doesn’t yet know about.

Are we being drip fed technology, yet there is much more available behind closed doors? Anything could be a possibility nowadays. A select group are thought to be controlling our very world. Other thoughts include them being not from the Earth whatsoever. All of this is mere speculation, yet it makes for an interesting concept about our past history.

Mummy wearing Adidas type shoes found

Some have complained, that all people seemed to care about, was the shoes this mummy had on. Yet they forget the historical relevance, about the actual find regarding this being the first complete Turkik burial discovery.

According to Khovd Museum researcher B.Sukhbaatar during an interview from Siberian Times, “This is a very rare phenomenon.” There were additions to the human remains found that included a saddle, a clay vase, a wooden bowl and the remains of an entire horse among other findings.

One other noteworthy thing, they found not only sheep wool but also camel wool at the scene. The burial can be dated by the relics found and gives archaeologists an approximate date estimated at being around the 6th century AD. The shoes however, remain more of a mystery as teams still search for clues.

(Source: New York Daily News)

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