Unknown Video Shows Strange Creature Moving Alongside Road At Night

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This rather strange video lasts for only a mere 10 seconds. However, what is seen hasn’t been determined yet. Some think this is a skunk with its tail pointed upright. Skunks hop and raise their tails when they feel threatened. Others are not so sure, they think this might be an unidentified creature of some sort. 

Unknown Video Shows Strange Creature Moving Alongside Road At Night

It appears to be hopping up and down slightly (trying to get away from the bright light) from whoever recorded this inside their car. Music can be heard inside the vehicle, it is believed that this might be from somewhere outside the United States. Regardless, it is an interesting video and makes one really wonder about what this thing was. 

The nearby field with tall grass can be seen in the background from the car lights. Nobody has come forward yet with further information about this. The video was posted on the YouTube channel Sabo.

Jokingly, people commented that this was a skunk on a Pogo stick. Possibly, this could be a raccoon that stumbled onto a piece of clothing or trash stuck on its body. Other theories are this is an injured bird of some kind.  Is this a small girl wearing a white dress with dark hair? If so, it comes off as being creepy. 

Another person said, at around 5 seconds long, the creature in question appears to have fur of some kind. Is this a new rare species of some kind? Anything is possible. With so much technology at our fingertips, this could have been digitally edited in. 

What else makes this tough to understand is the very quality of the video. It is poorly recorded possibly on 360p. Those who follow such things, might even think this is some kind of alien entity of some kind. There is so much in our world that we do not understand yet, this could be one of those things. For now, we can only speculate what it might be.

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