Supernatural Mysteries Of Big Bend National Park

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Judy Martinez is from Tucson, Arizona and has been involved with the paranormal since she was only four years old. Early on in life, she soon realized her unique abilities to interact with spirits. Judy says that she is able to see spirits and even interact with them. One of the parks she has written about is Big Bend National Park.

She has written a book entitled: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon: Personal Encounters that Will Have You on the Edge.

Big Bend National Park, dates back to 1944 located in Texas. Since that time, people have reported strange happenings there. Perhaps this is due to six different Native American tribes that frequented the area. A number of Mexican settlers also came through here as well. 

This park has experienced its fair share of violence, along with a number of unexplained deaths. Many feel there is something off about this place. Troubled spirits likely still linger here. In particular, the mountains here are named Chisos Mountains (chisos is Spanish for “ghost” or “spirit”).

Skeptical park rangers have even become fearful wandering through here. To date, they haven’t been able to explain the eerie sounds that can be heard or where they are coming from. Most notably, are the unexplained strange objects that seem to fall here each day. These UFOs could be anything but people think alien visitors have been through here.

Dating back to the 1800’s there have been bizarre objects striking people’s homes and livestock. Big Bend National Park is also known as the “Zone of Silence”. Likely this is from all the electrical failures on aircraft, cars and other electronic devices. 

Even canyon hikers have come across an unexplained spirit, that resembles a Hispanic man wearing a sombrero and serape. This spirit has been seen floating around aimlessly inside the canyons. Back in the year 1962, several men ended up exploring the caves here. One of them came across what resembled an ancient tablet. It was broken, but also had bizarre symbols written on it. 

Later, these two men contacted a nearby park ranger. They informed them about their incredible discovery. This ranger took the ancient tablet which was planned to be studied by specialists.

When the men later contacted the ranger station several weeks later, they were told the ranger who they gave the tablet to no longer worked there. Possibly, he went missing as no one knew what had happened to him. When they inquired about the tablet at the ranger station, they said they had no knowledge about it.

Robert Ellison first witnessed what are known as Marfa Lights dating back to 1883. These lights appeared in Big Bend National Park and were described as being greenish-yellow balls of unexplained light. 

They are seen each night south from the town of Marfa, Texas. This strange phenomena, may well be something otherworldly. People have said the lights are either UFOs or swamp gases of some kind.

Even ghosts have been described as a reason for this happening. When people attempt to get closer to the lights, they seem to vanish from view. Curious onlookers remain puzzled over this. One thing is for certain, Big Bend National Park continues to be a fascinating place to explore.

(Source: Llewellyn)

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