Astonishing angelic protectors

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Angelic protector

There are certain moments which simply can’t be explained. Somehow someone is saved and many believe it is a miracle. Perhaps it was performed by a guardian angel. These ancient protectors have been with us throughout the existence of mankind. What they do and why they appear in certain moments is astonishing to witness and learn about.

There have been countless tales of angels intervening to set things on a particular course of action. Every time someone is born, it would be considered a miracle. Every time someone is saved equally so—as all life in precious, because time passes by. What we chose to do with our lives, will ultimately affect others as well. We must chosen our destiny by our own hands and do the very best that we can.

These astonishing angelic protectors perhaps have missions to change the course of the world. For those who are christian in faith, they are often mentioned in scripture. It doesn’t make any sense for people to suffer so much in our world. Take a look at any hospital and see what people deal with each and every day. There are many out there that suffer greatly, some believe it is the work of the devil. It may be so and why it happens, there must be a divine reason for it.

Man and woman in field

The most mind boggling question of all is: Where did God come from? The entire universe has been formed and many galaxies are out there. Think of all the life on other planets and other creations which exist. We are still awaiting clear evidence of otherworldly visitors, who often frequent our planet without us even seeing them.

There has been much speculation about what kind of beings scout our planet. Are angels an alien life-form of sorts? They are often portrayed as spirits and believed to take the form of human beings. Perhaps they can even possess our bodies taking control of our actions in certain moments. With so many stories to share, it is impossible to include them all.

It may not be foolish to think that someone or something is watching out for us, as many believe we all have a guardian angel looking out for us. Perhaps these angels are fallen family members or friends we once knew. After all, we are all connected in some way. Much like balls bouncing around, sometimes we bounce off one another and sometimes we stick. The next time you argue with someone, it may be for a reason.

This video shows different stories which happened from different places around the world produced by the ABC network originally.

Demon photographed in Arizona
Young woman meets God after dying at a party

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