Demon photographed in Arizona

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Giant demon spotted

What appears to be a demon, is seen walking the streets. The image has since gone viral from Facebook. This apparently took place recently in Phoenix, Arizona. The dark fiend is seen with wings and possibly horns wandering down the road, in this photo taken by a man named Richard Christianson. It was uploaded on New Years and is gaining lots of attention still.

Richard Christianson from Phoenix Arizona

Richard was spooked, as the large dark figure wandered down the roadway. Richard mentioned that it had spikes on its head and long broad wings. With its massive size, it was compared to that of a house, however the perspective of the photograph can only make it appear so. Richard claims this thing whatever it was, startled him and caught him off guard. He later mentioned, just how large this thing was.

This is disturbing on different levels, because it points to an apocalypse type of a setting. When we start seeing things such as this, it can only mean that the world may be coming to an end. Passages in the Bible mention demonic entities wandering the Earth in the darkest of days. There are some who think this is in fact not a demon, but that of an angel. Perhaps it is possible, but it has the appearance of something more sinister perhaps because of the setting.

What this demon or angel was doing here is still unexplained. It is possible this thing was intervening with something happening here. The exact street location is unknown yet, where this happened. Those on social media have mentioned—that the mysterious winged figure, is more likely to be an angel—from the shape of its wings. However, who really knows for certain?

Demon photographed in Arizona

The figure appeared in the dead of the night, as it stood around for a while rather ominously. This demon or angel never attempted to make contact with anyone around. And equally so, people were weary of wandering close to it while it was there.

There were several other witnesses who were around and they wish to remain anonymous at the moment. People speculate many things about this demon, including that it may be some sort of extraterrestrial being—shifting itself into that of a human to blend into our society. People have mentioned it may just be a tree or clever use of photo shop.

Now the image has been shared more than 600,000 times on Facebook since it was posted. Perhaps someone out there has a more definitive answer. For now, we can only assume what it may be.

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