Bicyclist records spectacular show in sky

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This video shows something special in the sky, what it may be is anyone’s best guess. This controversial video was posted online last year in 2015. There are numerous speculations of what it may well be. A bicyclist happened by and looked up noticing something strange moving in the clouds. Whatever it is, resembles the tail of a Chinese fire dragon—yet it could be some sort of alien aircraft. This isn’t something someone would see every day and the bicyclist knew he had something special on camera.

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While recording this strange phenomenon, he spoke a few choice words in awe of the sight before him. The location of where this happened was in Greenwood, Indiana. The scientific explanation about this would be in theory what is known as a crown flash. This rather rare moment occurs when sunlight shines upon ice crystals, guided by electrical fields. It happens during a thunderstorm and is not normally seen by the naked eye. This day the sun was out and this cyclist got more of a peep show than expected.

The video was taken on a mobile phone as he tries to remain calm about the situation. Nobody can clearly say this is a crown flash and since the video was posted it has remained rather controversial. Often people dismiss things that are deemed fake but something such as this looks to be more than just another special effect used.

Debates of what is happening on our planet happens quite often as we try to figure out what is happening. Secretly, society has remained in the dark about what is taking place even right above our heads. Some speculation about this is this ray of fire light might be a new weapon being tested. The possibility does exist but maybe this is part of an extraterrestrial spaceship maneuvering in the skyline.

Biker records strange sighting in sky

The scenery of this is spectacular as the sun fades into the thick clouds and even though the light is strong inevitably it surrenders to the darkness. Gazing upon such sights reminds us of just how insignificant we all are in the scope of things. There are many places to see in the universe perhaps we will in the afterlife. Someone mentioned that this may be attached to what is known as Project Blue Beam and a part of the New World Order. At this point anything is possible as more things begin to unravel.

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