Angel by the river

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Sometimes you meet people in life who leave a lasting impression upon you. This time was special, as a man approached a couple along a river bank. The day was bright and beautiful, with lots of nature around including some animals as well. After spending some time along the waters edge and standing on large rocks, this unusual man approached a couple—who were previously engaged in conversation looking out at nature.

The reflection of light was bright, due to them being right at the waters edge. The rocks were large, long a somewhat smooth for their size. Naturally, the rocks were smoothed out over time, from the summer and winter months as the years kept passing by.

River of stones

The husband once passed through the same area as a young boy. However, he couldn’t really remember this place well, due to his young age and faded memories. Little did he know, that he would return here years later, with his wife and enjoy this special day that they shared together.

When the husband glanced back over his right shoulder, a fair haired man took a few steps closer to him. He was friendly and outgoing. Knowing that the city can be a dangerous place sometimes, the husband was certainly cautious at first.

This fair haired man, talked with the husband about the little things and mentioned some of his personal life to him. The husband was reserved yet spoke enough to continue the conversation for a short while. He glanced as in the distance his wife was taking photographs of fish and birds all around the area.

The fair haired man, mentioned that he took a dip into the wandering waters below. This only made sense as the day was hot for this time of year. When the conversation ended with the fair haired man, both of the men shook hands goodbye.

Not more than a mere moment later, the fair haired man was gone. He was nowhere to be found almost as if he vanished into thin air. Puzzled by this the husband began to collect his thoughts over the encounter. First, the fair haired man seemed to appear out of nowhere and left the same way. Was this fair haired man some sort of angel?

Angel at the river

There are numerous stories about angelic encounters and people that survived against all odds. This particular encounter was something simple yet quite unusual as well. Angels are known to appear as people from all walks of life. With their disguises they are intervene into someones life. When this happens it usually is intentional.

Divine intervention has happened without people even knowing it. Perhaps from this meeting the couples path was steered into a different direction. Maybe they avoided an accident or something else that could have happened to them. Everything happens for a reason, each moment in life is intentional. Surely humans have their own free will, as they make their own choices. However, what if some of the choices were already made for them, by an angel in disguise? Certainly this is something to ponder over.

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