Young woman meets God after dying at a party

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She turned to parties and even prostitution then she suddenly changed her ways after meeting God. She claims that she died and had an out of body experience. Afterward she returned back to her body as her spirit descended upon her. With this newfound inspiration she is delivering religious messages on her YouTube channel “Heaven Exists”.

This sinner to saint has decided to dedicate herself to her ministry mentioning love and forgiveness among blessings unto the Lord thy God. From scriptures she reads passages and tries to per sway people to turn to a belief in religion. People have to have faith in all that is good and pure according to what she has read in the bible.

Now she has posted a number of videos talking about various subjects. Her message is loud and clear as she wants us to follow our way into heaven so we can avoid burning in hell. There are a number of channels such as this all preaching the same message as we step closer to the end of days. Repentance and acceptance are keys to stepping forward to a happy afterlife existence.

Whoever she really is, she goes by the name Jade. On her channel the description reads: “I dedicate this channel to the Lord and savior Jesus Christ and his forever growing ministries. God bless the people who connect threw this ministry and continue to show their support and love for Jesus Christ and his heavenly Kingdom. Hallelujah, Amen!”


It happened one night while she was in the kitchen. She fell down on the floor with people surrounding her. Jade had a seizure after collapsing, she then wandered down the hallway where everyone was gathered around her body. There was caution tape surrounding her body as medical, police and paramedics gathered around where she had died.

As with many described moments like this, people experienced it seems she began stepping into the light. Something pulled her towards it. Was it an angel or the holy spirit? Perhaps so, this experience forever changed her thinking about life and what we make of it.

She describes the feeling and sensation of what happened as everything you love in life that makes you feel good but better happening all at once—yet it still doesn’t compare to this. Nothing is like ascending into heaven.

Her surroundings further changed as eventually she moved away from Earth and it appeared as nothing more than a small speckle in space. After this moment, it made her see how insignificant all of this truly is and other things are much more important.

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