Security camera captures angel hovering over truck

It happened recently in Michigan, when a man’s security camera, photographed what appears to be an angel hovering over top of his truck. Some are saying this is nothing more than a moth caught in camera frame, while others think something supernatural. Glen Thorman, is the man who captured this extraordinary photo. He couldn’t believe his eyes at first.

Image: Glen Thorman and wife/NBC News

Image: Glen Thorman and wife/NBC News

When Glen’s camera snapped the photograph, he gasped “That’s an angel”. Word of this quickly spread, especially online after the photo was posted on Facebook and other social media. Glen first approached the pastor of his church, Deneille Moes who declared “there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural.”

Image: Pastor Denielle Moes and husband/NBC News

Image: Pastor Denielle Moes and husband/NBC News

Both Glen Thorman and Deneille Moes, are people of strong religious faith. Are their hearts so faithful to God, that they are blinding looking at this photograph from only one perspective? An expert photographer from Gallery Glass Lakes Photography was later asked about Glen’s photo. Owner Joe Clark said, it is difficult to say what the figure is in the photo. But it is possible that an insect such as a moth, could have set off the camera’s motion sensor. Clark also said, “There may be room for interpretation”.

Glen mentioned, his suspicions were real, after seeing this for himself. Glen subsequently posted the photo to the church’s Facebook page marveling, “Yep, folks, it’s an angel.” Pastor Deneille Moes also said, “I guess there is no question who is watching over their residence while they sleep.”

The Pastor went on to say, she couldn’t imagine why Glen Thorman would setup a hoax such as this, with a fake angel photo. She also reassured parishioners, that the image was not altered in any kind of way. It is human nature to dismiss or fear the unknown. Often people are scared of things such as this. However, if this is an angel…perhaps this is a good sign we are being watched over. It seems that not everyone is convinced this is the real deal.

Security camera angel over truck

(Several curiosities about this photo are seen. One of which, is the angel appearing to be wielding what looks like a weapon of some sort like a sword. It also appears to be wearing a long robe with a cloak on)

Based upon a statistic conducted by CBS news, Americans believe in angels. Nearly 8 out of 10 people are believers. We are taught early on, about the afterlife and the Lord Thy God. There are numerous faiths and religions around the world. Escientally, they share the same belief… that a higher power created all of this and an afterlife awaits all of us.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM)

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