Twin tower tribute reveals apparition

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In remembrance of the fallen folks who died that fateful day—have been honored by a seemingly paranormal experience recently, when a Jesus-like figure appeared in a tribute light show display. The reason for this new show is to give people a sense of comfort from what happened back on 9/11/2001. There are many different theories about what happened but ultimately, it was one of the greatest tragedies of our time.


It shook the nation to its core, as a series of our own planes were turned against us taking down key landmarks in America. Known as Tribute in Light, these well placed lights consist of 88 search lights which burn as 2 distinct beams of light honoring the twin towers which once stood high above New York city. These beams illuminate the sky however when looking closer, at the very top Jesus seems to have appeared. Is this just a mere symbolic display or is it something else entirely?


The Tribute of Light display uses approximately $1,626 (assuming $0.11 kWh) to run for 24 hours. There are 88 xenon spotlights (44 for each tower) which each consume 7,000 watts. Originally, the installation was going to be temporary however, it has been given the go as a continuous tribute of sorts. Each year during 9/11 the beams will display burning brightly in the skyline of New York.

This photograph which captures an angelic angel or perhaps Jesus himself was taken on 9/11/16 by Rich McCormack. He claims that no software was used to alter the image whatsoever. This is suppose to be the real deal. So far, no other photographers amateur or not have come forward with another photograph. This does leave room for doubt but this just recently happened so perhaps more photos will start being released.

The photo seems to resemble a vision of Jesus with their arms crossed. On a radio interview, Rich mentioned: “I did a double-take not knowing really what it was, but as I zoomed in it almost looked liked a vision of the Lord with his arms crossed. I got very emotional, and I got tears in my eyes”. This photo has been shared on social media pretty quickly and many do think it is something rather spiritual.


One lady named Yvette Cid mentioned that after losing her two boys from that day, this is a sign to all who had lost someone special.

Sometimes supernatural things simply cannot be explained. There are many things in which we have not any answers for.

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