Astronaut sees UFO in space

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Samantha inside

At this point, the world needs to accept the possibility of life forces from outside our planet. Admittedly  some things are conjured by attention seekers. This is an encounter which may send a shiver down your spine. The expedition involves a female astronaut named Samantha Cristoforetti she is from Italy and was on-board an expedition known as 42 launch, this happened on November 23. Samantha is Italy’s first woman in space. On her blog, she describes in detail what happened that day and how it affected her.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has been around since May 30, 1975.  It is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space, with 20 member states. Samantha Cristofeoretti is heard from the recordings captured by the International Space Station (ISS). She described from her own words that this is “almost alien”. With the video—UFO enthusiasts further mention that she clearly makes reference to a strange orb seen passing by—from the distance from her location outside of Earth.

Looking at the video, the capsule contains three astronauts one of which is Samantha Cristoforetti. As the capsule approaches the ISS for docking, a small white orb is seen on the video. This orb appears to be moving from top to bottom in the center part of the screen. From this point onward in the video, the astronauts maintain their silence as the orb seems to move away out of range. On the video, Russian Astronaut Anton Shkaplerov is heard gasping and then shouting “tiho, tiho, tiho,” which in Russian means “calm, calm, calm.” Clearly Samantha was in some sort of shock at what she had seen.

Samantha said:

“I had released my shoulder straps quite a bit at that point, so I was floating over my seat. As I turned to look outside, at first I looked back and saw one of our Soyuz solar panels, which I had seen before of course. Then my eyes caught something in the peripheral view. And as I slowly turned my gaze and when I realized what I was seeing, I was overcome by pure amazement and joy: the Space Station was there, but not just any view. The huge solar panels were flooded in a blaze of orange light, vivid, warm almost alien.

I couldn’t help exclaiming something aloud, which you can probably hear in the recordings of our docking, since at that point we were “hot mic” with Mission Control. Anton reminded me of that. I tried to contain my amazement and return to the docking monitoring. When I peaked again later, the orange glow was gone.

Butch told me later that he had heard my amazement on com when “the Station had turned orange.” I didn’t know, but apparently there’s only a few seconds during day-night transition that the Station is lit by that amazing orange glow. And it happened to be exactly when I peaked outside! I feel very fortunate that I had such a unique first glimpse of our human outpost in space: such a great welcome!”

Watch the video to see what the excitement is all about. Perhaps this is a real documentation of an extraterrestrial encounter.

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