People Riding Roller Coaster Capture UFO On Camera

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This astounding video, seems to show what resembles a UFO on camera. A group of friends and/or family were recording their roller coaster ride while on vacation.

They inadvertently captured what appears to be some kind of flying saucer moving across the sky. Tailing not far behind this unknown spacecraft, looks like some kind of military aircraft. It is believed, that this theme park is located somewhere in Maryland, USA.

People Riding Roller Coaster Capture UFO On Camera

From the little information found about this, the video dates back to 2016. Here is where things get weirder. An alleged cover up of sorts, debunks the video and people have mysteriously come forward with information about it.

Someone named Matt Bornong, stated that he found the original footage of the video where this UFO was later added in. This video footage supposively dates back to July 2010. This is 6 years earlier, before the UFO was simply “added” in.

This UFO does appear to be chased by some kind of jet aircraft and many want to believe that this is real. Perhaps it might be. Often things are covered up and all the angles need to be examined before jumping to conclusions about it.

On the original video, a logo can be seen that references “Section 51”. This video is entitled, Koi UFO Video 134. The video is tough to find but some screen captures were taken demonstrating the added titles and logo that was put in. The video was quite a hit and already started to receive much attention, when it first was posted online years ago.

The title of the original was “UFO filmed over Amusement Park in Maryland !!! Sept 2016”. A team known as “Section 51” have previously created videos to get buzz online. They dream up different science fiction related material, to then modify and/or create. Incentives are even used to help fund their projects. It seems as if they create relevant UFO type content for a fee of course.  

Among message boards, photos, videos and other speculation…there seems to be a split belief regarding this video. About half believe it while the others think this is nothing but a fake. These original screen captures, show a Facebook reference to their page. The page has since been taken down. This only further fuels the controversy surrounding this mystery video.

Perhaps someone else out there knows more. Regardless, it is an interesting video to see and makes one wonder the possibility of real UFO’s soaring through the skies.

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