300 year old corpse opens her eyes

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Since the video was released, people have both doubted and been bedazzled by the corpse of St. Innocent. She is on display, inside an open glass case. Visitors frequent Catholic Cathedral in Guadalajara, Mexico, trying to get catch a glimpse of her.

Santa Inocencia corpse Mexico Church

One person, got more than they bargained for. Unknowingly to them while they were filming, this person captured the 300+ year old child corpse…opening her eyes. It wasn’t until they returned home later, when they played back the footage. What they captured, completely freaked them out. The video quickly spread online sometime during 2012.

The video clip only lasts for a short while. It is unknown whether or not filming is prohibited here. This may explain why the supernatural recording is so fidgety. Heard in the background, is a tour guide speaking among the crowds of people during this time. Many people have been weirded out, after watching the deceased girl open her eyes ever so slowly.

Santa Inocencia corpse Mexico

One person mentioned, that this was nothing more than CGI. They said look carefully, as the eyes open, the image blurs ever so slightly. Perhaps so, but this hasn’t been proven either. Noticeably, she was placed inside the open glass case, along with several objects. Her right arm is seen momentarily, as the camera pans down towards her hand – before panning back across the rest of her body.

Cardinal Juan Francisco Robles, mentioned that this was a miracle when it happened. So, perhaps eye witnesses happen to see her eyes as well. The remains of Santa Inocencia (St. Innocent) were eventually transferred to the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Later, they were certified as a relic. She is be seen wearing a white ceremonial gown. The corpse itself, has been preserved in wax and placed inside the glass coffin-like box. Among the Catholic Church, certain traditions have been kept in place. In particular, certain characters such as saints, are believed to be the embodiment of holiness. For this reason, they are referred to as uncorrupted venerated in Catholic shrines.

Legend says that the father of St. Innocence banned her. She was a Roman girl practicing Catholicism. Outraged, the young girl secretly befriended a nun and joined the Catholic church.

After she held her Holy Communion, she went home, it was there when her father stabbed her to death out of rage. This death, was known to be an early persecution against the Catholic faith. St. Innocence became a martyr. Her story now lives on.

(Source: Little Things and Huffington Post)

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