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Alien encounter

12 Alien Craft In Custody, Along With An Alien Pilot

Alien vehicles have been recovered from various locations around the world over the past several decades. The craft are of non-human origin and are “more advanced” than anything that the US government currently has. ...


UFOs Are Real: US Government Releases Stunning Evidence

The government has announced that it has retrieved a highly advanced aircraft of non-human origin. The announcement was made by the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, in a brief statement released to the...

Alien with man

Alien caught on video in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, a video showing not only UFO’s flying in the sky but an actual extraterrestrial encounter was uploaded. The location is in Joyuda Cabo Rojo. What this is from is unclear, but...

Alien image

Alien abduction photos captured on cell phone

So many stories have been mentioned about alien abductions. Nothing has been documented well perhaps not until now. A woman from Ontario, Canada claims she actually has photographs of an extraterrestrial encounter. There are...