Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, a haunted location

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First settled by English homesteaders that relocated from New England, a cemetery has become something of a spectacle. Over time, there have been numerous sightings reported about. Ghostly apparitions have been seen, scouring the entire area. It is unknown, why there is so much paranormal activity happening here.

Perhaps it is some kind of inter-dimensional passageway, for spirits to manifest themselves. No doubt, a number of trapped souls have been left behind here. They simply can’t move forward into the afterlife.

Some of the most noteworthy sightings…include a two-headed ghost, a woman sitting on a grave, phantom cars, a black ghost dog, religious robed monks, a farmer with his plow and horse, the white lady, and a phantom farmhouse that floats then mysteriously disappears. Perhaps the most common occurrence, are orbs of light which appear over top of tombstones.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery daytime

The entire Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, resides on a one-acre plot, located near Rubio Woods Forest Preserve in the Chicago area. The cemetery is fenced in, it has just one single gate to enter which is located on the south side. One creepily narrow path, twists through the cemetery itself. A stagnant pond, also is located outside the northwestern corner of the lot.

Unfortunately, the cemetery is often overgrown and neglected making it troublesome to transverse through. Quite often, this location has fallen prey to vandalism. It may be due to the popularity of the cemetery and all the legends and lore that goes along with it. A number of grave markers have been defaced and desecrated.

Perhaps the spirits are truly unhappy, as coffins have been scattered and ruined everywhere. More strange happenings are rumored to happen here, which includes animal sacrifices. One lagoon located in the corner of the cemetery, is believed to have been used for such occult type practices.

Image: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery/By Cobra97 at Wikipedia

Image: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery/By Cobra97 at Wikipedia

The very first burial happened here in 1844. How the cemetery got its name, isn’t certain. However, back in 1864…it was named and known as Bachelor’s Grove. One backstory about the cemetery and its name pertains to the early first settlers. It is believed that the name is derived from a German family name such as Batchelder.

Another unsettling thing about this cemetery location, is back in the early 1920’s and 1930’s corpses from gang wars in Chicago, were dumped in the lagoon here. Actual burials began to slow down back in 1965. After a while, the location became a spot for young lovers to frequent. They were also up for the thrill of being scared, from all of the alleged haunting s.

With youth, comes those eager to raise hell. Young vandals began opening graves and throwing the remains across the cemetery grounds. The cemetery had reached its peak back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The very last known burial happened in 1989.

Ghost lady sitting Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

A fairly famous photograph was taken back in 1991. It captured the spirit, of what looks like a young woman sitting. The Ghost Research Society used infrared film when they captured this. Allegedly, they were the only ones there, aside from this ghostly spirit. People have returned to this spot trying to record this spirit again. To date, nobody has seen it manifest again. She has been nicknamed the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove.

(Source: Cool Interesting Stuff and Wikipedia)

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