Former Illuminati insider shares the truth

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A series of videos have been posted on the Strange Things YouTube channel. During the interview, a man who formerly was associated with the Illuminati, shares many details that are both bizarre yet eerily creepy. These videos, seem to have some truth in them.

Although not confirmed, it is believed that this man is located somewhere in Canada. He has been associated with the Illuminati, since he was young. He recalls being about 5 years old, in his earliest memories. It seems that he is fearful of his life, but decided he wanted to share the truth of things happening.

Illuminati Human cloning happening

What we know of, is essentially a lie and different things are happening all around us. Disturbingly, those who are a part of high society and are famous, have sold their souls it seems to get there. Many of these folks, have been cloned and recycled numerous times, as insiders have sexually abused and used clone versions of them, in trade for their fame and fortune.

Illuminati dollar bill

Many different celebrities, seen in music videos, movie interviews etc. have gestured showing the eye otherwise known as The Eye of Providence or the all-seeing eye of God. This same eye, appears on currency as well, including being on the back of the American dollar bill. The eye itself, is seen as the eye of God, watching over humanity (or divine providence).

The Illuminati insider, shares more…saying there are several kinds of different cloning happening. One is known as replication cloning, this is where the clone grows up, much like a baby does. Cells are used to create the person from science with their DNA. Duplication cloning is another process, where they place someone inside of a large liquid filled tank. From this point on, they are duplicated copies of the original person.

Cloning of people according to him, has been going on since World War II. Early versions were weak and didn’t function correctly. These are also known as “Organic Robotoids”. These technologies are used, to create near exact copies of important people on Earth. The technology is so far advanced, that people’s consciousness is copied as well.

The process of how they do this is unknown. However, he believes it is done while someone sleeps. Previously, cell samples were used including sample of cells from the cervix (Pap Smears) as an example.

Discarded foreskins were also used as well. Now, with advancements in technology, blood is used to create these copies of people. Tissue agitation processes are used to replicate people using different devices.

Britney Spears cloned

It seems there is no limit to the amount of things these people are willing to endure. Their clones have been pushed beyond recognition. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, had to sell use of her clone in order to be promoted further in her career.

Some are questioning, whether or not actress Uma Thurman was replaced by one of her clones as well. Certainly people age, but many are suspecting something fishy is going on. There are slight differences between them, that are ever so subtle.

Uma Thurman clone replacement

In the second video, the Illuminati insider speaks about Reptilians and Clones. In the third video, they talk about how alien abductions work and why people and animals have been mutilated or have gone missing. All of this, is wild stuff and really makes you think what might be happening in the world after all.


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