Possessed Clown Toy Moves By Itself

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This incident happened in Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, Leicester. The clown toy, has been nicknamed “Bob”. It seems this toy is unlike others. From what is known, this musical clown toy is being haunted by an infant spirit. When the toy is ever moved, it seemingly will move by itself back it its favorite spot. CCTV footage, has captured “Bob” moving on camera.

The toy has been investigated by paranormal experts and deemed to be possessed by something. With the assistance of a psychic medium, it seems that an upset spirit has latched onto this small object. Perhaps something may have happened to this child spirit previously.

Haunted Toy Clown UK

Eerie CCTV footage, shows the doll visibly lurching forward during a paranormal investigation last month. The team believes, the child is moving the doll back into its special place. Maybe it is finding contentment in this spot for whatever reason.

Where the doll originated from, is still being investigated into. It seems to have an attachment to this spot. Speculation is, perhaps this spirit haunting the doll may have once lived in this area or nearby somewhere.

Haunted Toy Clown Doll UK

A man named Jason Wall (age 46) was the one closest to the clown when it moved by itself. Jason is from Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham and still struggles to understand how all of this could have happened.

This is what Jason said, “We had a table with three dolls on there and one of them was this clown. It’s been said that if you move the doll that it will move back to the position that it wants. One of the people at the investigation picked it up and when she put it back she turned it round 90 degrees to see if we could prompt a response. In the middle of the table, we had a device that measures temperature and environmental conditions and also lights up if there’s any type of vibration.”

Jason went on to explain, “The lights lit up a few times when we were waiting for responses to questions. I went back to the table to check that it wasn’t our movement on the floorboards that had caused the device to light up. You can see me moving up and down to see if it got a reaction from the device but nothing happened.

But as I went to turn around, the doll caught my eye and it was as if something had twisted it at an angle slightly. If that had been because of my movement then it would have fallen over as it was not on a stand, it was just standing on its own two feet. It was a defined movement and it stopped me in my tracks. But when I looked it was as if it had been caught moving.

So, then I rushed into the other room to tell the others what I had just seen, which you can see me do in the video. We all went and looked at the CCTV coverage but unfortunately the back of my head obscures the movement I saw. But as I walked away you can see a second movement, which I didn’t even know had happened. It was completely by accident that we caught the second movement. It’s a strange thing really, we can’t really describe what it was.

That’s why we’ve put it out there for people to look at. I’m not a believer but I’m not a disbeliever. I tend to believe my own eyes. I’m not someone who jumps to say it is paranormal straight away. That’s not my belief. I can’t say it’s paranormal because I can’t prove anything like that.

I would never say something was paranormal without complete and utter evidence. Whenever we get something on camera like this that someone says is evidence for paranormal activity, some people take it with a pinch of salt and from some there can be a backlash. For me, it’s just vindication that what I saw happened again straight afterwards.”

After the incident, Jason himself remains skeptical yet open-minded about the entire thing.

Another man named Sam Littlejohns works at the research centre and said, “The doll’s music also often starts playing on its own. You will hear Bob’s music playing and it’s quite unnerving. No one will be there and you will hear the chimes play. He is quite a character.”

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre, is believed to be the first museum of its kind located within the UK.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

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