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Abducted man fathered many alien-human hybrid children

When he was 17 years old, a man named David Huggins lost his virginity to that of an extraterrestrial. This feminine entity, had eyes that glowed and dark hair. Her body was comparable to that of a human female. David is now 74 years old and decided a while ago that he would share his

Double abductee shares his extraterrestrial experiences

While it is difficult to imagine, each year there are a number of people who have simply lost time. These people have been abducted by aliens.One man, shares his detailed alien encounters that happened to him, several times throughout his life. This man’s name is Steve Boucher from Canada and his sincerity makes what his

The satanic sacrifices and sexual escapades of Pizzagate

While its difficult to imagine great tragedies that happen such as this, there is an underbelly of society that exists and with it – a number of high ranking officials as well. Even a former first lady, who wanted to become the President of the United States, is assumed to be involved with a satanic

Horrifying hillbilly and redneck abductions

While out traveling in the backwoods, one must be vigilant. There are things out there that can lead to an early grave. Of many things happening in the world today, there are stories of people killing and kidnapping people. A small percentage of them are people living in rural locations in the world. In the

Aliens are eating people in Arizona

While each year many people go missing. There may well be a reason for it. According to a number of files released by the United States Department of Agriculture, construction of an alien base is underway somewhere in a hidden area, located within the Tonto National Forest. This forest is located in Arizona and was