Mysterious stairs to nowhere

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There are a number of mysterious stairs in various parts of the world, how they got there and why is rather strange. The reason these stairs are around, still continues to baffle people. A number of stories about them have surfaced and some of them are rather creepy.

One person had commented that these were and still are used as sacrificial spots for perhaps something otherworldly. When someone stumbles onto these stairs, they experience something often life changing in a negative way.

The things which happen are horrific more often than not—but the person if they lived, had an experience unlike any other. There are many things which are unknown in our world and it is simply naive—to dismiss things without looking at all the angles first.

Stairs to nowhere

Evidence needs to be presented in some way or another for people to believe others and what they experienced. The first strange occurrence about these mysterious stairs to nowhere, is a tale that stems from a forest ranger in the Philippines. The area is rather remote and hardly anyone comes through here.

A ranger named Torkik was out on patrol one day and he had previously heard about missing persons in the area. He knows there’s a good chance, that any stranger would mysteriously vanish into thin air around here. As the forest is thick and tough to navigate.

Torkik continued his patrol, when he came across two sets of stairs remotely located in the forest. They lead to nowhere and Torkik was rather cautious about them, still his curiosity gets the better of him—as he climbed the stairs to get a better vantage point, while looking for missing persons in the area.

The first set of stairs, were made of stone and carved with detail, the other was more rugged made from random stones which formed into a staircase. He decided to climb further after he encountered a stray dog not far away from him. The dog seemed rather viscous and he didn’t want to get bitten by it.

For Torkik, the day was long and he gave up returning back to the ranger station. When he returned he learned he was fired and he had been missing for quite a while. As it turns out, Torkik left the ranger station five years earlier. Time passed differently for him on that fateful day.

Stairs to nowhere in the woods


There were two students from Sweden who decided to go hiking in the forest. Both Axel and Isak traveled for a number of miles until they reached a clearing in this particular area. It was there they discovered a set of stairs out in the middle of nowhere which also lead to nowhere.

Axel was cautious and wanted to leave, however Isak was curious about the stairs and just how sturdy they were. Axel watched Isak as he climbed the stairs, when he reached the very top, a shrilling scream was heard. Both of them were completely freaked out as they then turned running.

After catching their breath only for a moment Axel felt a cold hand on his shoulder, when he turned around Isak was far behind him. Both of them heard the scream and now remember this day forever. Perhaps this was a spirit lurking behind or something else.

There was a mention on Reddit, about a park ranger assuming to be from the United States, who warned a rookie in training, that strange occurrences about missing people continue to go unofficially undocumented for a reason, to avoid dips in tourism and revenue at some locations. Also, perhaps to avoid reports by higher ups.

He told the young rookie about the time he witnessed a guy get his hand sliced clean off when they found a really weird staircase in the woods. It happened so fast, when the man reached the top of the stairs, he then reached out to touch a tree branch losing his hand. It was a completely clean wound. The hand however was never found. The guy nearly died from blood loss.

stairs in the woods


Another event took place, when a woman touched one of the stairs, she then suffered some sort of aneurysm. The blood vessel in her brain exploded like a water balloon. She then stumbled down the edge of the stairs and wandered over to the park ranger. She said: “I think something is wrong with me” and then dropped to the ground dead. The ranger mentions how they will never forget the way the blood leaked into the inside of her eye just before she died.

Various theories exist about the reason these stairs are in different spots in the world. One of them is that a reptilian extraterrestrial race, built these to pray and feed upon people at locations as a food source. The placement is remote enough, so that both curiosity and food (for whatever monster) is out there can pray upon their next hapless victim. These truly are strange occurrences and hopefully more will be learned about these mysterious stairs of doom.


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