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Bizarre alien sex encounter from 1957

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre alien encounter cases ever reported about. A man back in 1957 named Antonio Villas Boas, was working out in a field at his families farm. During this time, he was 23 years old. It had been a long day for him—when the engine suddenly died on his

Canadian psychic shares her alien abduction experience

A woman from Toronto, Ontario shares her descriptive encounter of being abducted by aliens. Her name is Elizabeth April. Early on in life, she knew she was different. She made the decision to cut off her intuitiveness early on, at around age 10 and instead focused on different sporting activities. After being involved with many

Sacrificed by shadow people, three students go missing

A group of students decided to make a documentary about shadow people. Afterward, all three of them simply disappeared. There were no traces of them found, as police search for clues. Shadow people are a controversial topic. Many people have made mention of them over time. Mostly, they have been included in ghost type stories.

Truck driver’s wife abducted by aliens in Michigan

People sometimes lose track of time. Quite typically, they get involved with something and time simply passes by quickly for them. This can be from a conversation or from a fast paced job as an example. However, there are blocks of time, which simply go unanswered for. The reason for this, can be explained as

Abducted 64 year old woman transforms into an alien human hybrid

A woman named Judy Carroll from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia—claims that she was abducted by aliens. She is 64 years old and said that she was in contact with what are known as Grey aliens. It all started for her back in the year 1983. As difficult as it to believe, she began telepathically communicating with