Double abductee shares his extraterrestrial experiences

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While it is difficult to imagine, each year there are a number of people who have simply lost time. These people have been abducted by aliens.One man, shares his detailed alien encounters that happened to him, several times throughout his life.

Steve Boucher alien experience

This man’s name is Steve Boucher from Canada and his sincerity makes what his says, even more believable overall. Steve goes on to explain what he witnessed, including more about secret alien bases on Earth and his fascinating interaction with these extraterrestrial beings.

Steve goes into detail about each of his alien encounters, once while he was about 4 years old and later when he was around 16. Each of these stories are rather remarkable. A book he read changed his life, helping him to recall missing time that was lost in his conscious memories. His first encounter, happened while he was out on the road late one night.

Both Steve and his father, were driving down the highway, before encountering the seemingly impossible. Being a child, his curiosity got the better of him, as he peered out from the car where his father told him to stay.

Steve watched as his father communicated with several alien beings. These aliens took his father on-board their ship, for an estimated 20 minutes before he returned. During this time, another alien, kept Steven occupied sitting next to him inside of the car.

Steve Boucher alien encounter

This alien, questioned Steve about various things such as the steering wheel, radio, brake and gas pedal. Reflecting back upon this moment, Steve realized that this alien was keeping him company, while his father was being questioned and examined inside of the spacecraft before returning. While Steven was quite young, he does recall the encounter. He later asked his father about it years later and thought it was all a dream of some kind.

Another encounter happened in 1971, during the time Steve was a teenager. While out with his band mates during a music gig, these aliens gave Steve and four others orders to take off their clothes and then conducted a series of specific tests on them.

This encounter took place late at night around 3:00 AM in the morning. At first, they thought the large spacecraft blocking the road in front of them, was a movie prop of some kind but later realized that this didn’t make any sense for this time of night. As it turns out, this was something else entirely.

Before taking off, the aliens told Steve he would forget this whole incident, which he soon did, but later remembered details from a series of hypnosis. The mind is a powerful thing and Steve’s willpower to remember, has helped him cope with these unusual alien encounters.

Steve learned also about secret alien bases, which are here on Earth as well. He believes that more is still locked away in his memories – as he continues to try and remember anything else that happened during his alien encounters.

Note: These tests are possibly part of a hybrid interbreeding program, that has been active for many years and still continues on today. Watch Steve share his story below in an interview by Near Death Experiment on YouTube.

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