Haunting s of the Sutro Baths Ruins

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Located along the westside of San Francisco, is an interesting yet rather bizarre location. Along the cliffside area, are the remains of what was known as the Sutro Baths Ruins. It is here, where rumors of ghosts wandering the hillside can still be seen to date. People have reported seeing ghosts both inside and out around the ruins.

Initially setup as a bathhouse, this place leaned more towards being a resort rather than just a bathhouse. The large structure could accommodate upwards of around 10,000 people. There were seven different pools here as well, along with a 6,000 seat concert hall among a museum. This made for a good getaway location while it existed.

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It wasn’t until June of 1966, when the facility burned down. Originally, it was built back in 1896. Water was pumped from the ocean itself through a tunnel system. The site falls upon the grounds of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and within the Sutro Historic District. At one point in time, the baths were one of the largest indoor swimming establishments in the world.

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Nowadays, people have been quoted as saying, “It’s just a little spooky, Feels strange here.” The baths seem cursed and were plagued with different problems, concerning both the maintenance and the construction. At one point, the baths were served by several rail lines. Both the Ferries and Cliff House Railroad ran alongside of the cliffs of Lands End, which overlooked Golden Gate.

After The Great Depression, things took a turn for the worse. Those who owned the establishment, held onto it up until the 1960’s. It was decided that the place be converted into condos later. It seems this was a big mistake, perhaps angered spirits didn’t like the idea as the entire place burned down. No explanation was ever given as to why the fire started. Frustrated and furious, the owners abandoned the Sutro Baths altogether.

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Not much has changed since the place burned down. What remains are crumbling stones, along with strange tunnels…that lead right into the ocean itself. The place seems to really give off a creepy vibe at night. There seems to be something that lures spirits to the location. Psychic Mediums and others have mentioned feeling an “unnerving force” here.

The most common ghost sightings are patrons of the past, who frequented here. They likely would be mistaken from the distance, as living real visitors…if they weren’t wearing swimming garb. Nighttime is believed to be when the spirits are strongest and this place is no exception. Those looking to explore here should tread carefully, or else they may end up being a spirit them self.

(Source: Backpackerverse and Wikipedia)

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