The satanic sacrifices and sexual escapades of Pizzagate

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While its difficult to imagine great tragedies that happen such as this, there is an underbelly of society that exists and with it – a number of high ranking officials as well. Even a former first lady, who wanted to become the President of the United States, is assumed to be involved with a satanic pedophile ring.

Image: Pizzagate from The Millennium Report

Image: Pizzagate from The Millennium Report

Broadcaster Alex Jones, once made a comment, about how both the Clinton’s and the Obama’s all smell of sulfur from his insider resources. The reason that they do, is often associated with sacrificial practices, involving torture of both children and animals among some adults. From a paranormal perspective, perhaps demonic forces could be at work in all of this as well. Many people feel that something is just off about all of them. Absolute power, absolute corruption anyone?

Really all of this is rather astounding to think about. It is really mind blowing. It makes one wonder just how high up the ladder all this leaked information can go. There may well be more people involved which aren’t known about yet, including other well known people. Recently, Hollywood has opened up only a sliver of the doorway into the sexual abuse, which has been exposed to the public that many different people including some celebrities who know about it.

It is rather interesting, how Wikipedia has already dismissed Pizzagate as nothing more than a conspiracy theory of sorts. That itself, is a rather questionable red flag warning. Further delving into Pizzagate, will reveal and bring forth the damning evidence, needed to bring down all those who are involved with it. Crusaders such as David Seaman, have been avid fighters to further the truth of this, by helping to bring everything wrong into the light.

All of the bizarre pizza-pedophilia talk has left everyone scratching their heads. It seems as though this has struck a nerve with not only the American people, but elsewhere as well. Sure people can become paranoid, but this is different. There is something in the air that is wrong with continuous violence spreading across the lands. Soon enough, the dead will begin walking the Earth at some point, if this keeps up. People are now voicing their serious concerns of what to do next and wondering what might happen fearing for their safety and others.

One of these people is Liz Cronkin she has been reporting about a sex tape, linking to none other than Hillary Clinton. Hillary of course, was a heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States. Losing out to Donald Trump. Apparently, on Anthony Weiner’s computer, is a file which has been labeled as “Life Insurance”. (Anthony Weiner is a former congressman who represented New York’s 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011)

This file contains a sex tape, that has made grown men actually cry at what they had seen within law enforcement. This tape shows Hillary Clinton having sex with Huma Abedin an American political staffer, who was vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign as tried to become the 45th President of the United States.

Image: Hillary Clinton with Huma Abedin from Breitbart

Image: Hillary Clinton with Huma Abedin from Breitbart

More disturbing than this, is Hillary being seen having sexual relations with an under aged girl. How old this girl is, will no doubt be revealed in time. The images were so graphic, that the New York Police Department staff and a number of men who watched it – all began to break down in tears from what they had seen. Undoubtedly any women there, would have weeped as well based upon the descriptions made.

While Julian Assange has been a nemesis to Hillary Clinton with his WikiLeaks releases, many surrounding Hillary deny any involvement. Julian is a Australian computer programmer and founder of WikiLeaks. Their information being released has quite often been rather controversial by nature.

However, many believe in what has been said and only want to know the real truth of things, without it being spun into another lie. Is a real sex tape ready to be released to the public? Liz Cronkin believes so along with many others. Justice will prevail and good will triumph over evil in the end. Sometime in the near future it is believed that this evidence will be brought forward by the brave men and women involved with law enforcement.

Some think that if the FBI or CIA try to cover up anything that another copy has been made for release. Maybe it will even be leaked on-line soon. Message boards such as Reddit and 4chan have focused upon social gatherings made by the likes of 68 year old John Podesta and his involvement with Pizzagate and the underworld of pedophilia. There are more than likely, other people wrapped up in all of this, lets hope that justice will prevail!

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