Cursed couch captures customers attention in Waco, Texas

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Colton’s Consignment Furniture Showroom

Located in Waco, Texas is a cursed couch that sits in a consignment furniture showroom. Owner Colton Burch, mentioned that the couch was dropped off more than a decade ago. Whether or not it is haunted remains to be unseen but as a side affect, the couch has brought him much foot traffic to his shop, located at 7524 Bosque Boulevard.

Those curious enough, have even sat on the couch…even though there appears to be several bullet holes in it. There also appears to be a stain, which can be seen under the bottom sitting cushions as well. This stain many believe is blood and not some kind of sauce spilled on it.

Colton Burch said: “Everybody up here was basically afraid of it, and I did have a weird feeling when you sit down on it.”

The news station KWTX 10 reported about the story back in 2007. What they discovered was, the previous couch owner mentioned strange things happening to them, while they had the couch. The smell of sulfur was strong in their home.

Reportedly, the kitchen cabinets opened by themselves and cellphone signals were seemingly cut off completely approaching the couch. After having experienced all of this, the man who owned it—decided to get rid of it at Colton’s Consignment Furniture Showroom.

Haunted couch Waco Texas

How much he offered for it is unknown. However, someone has since offered upwards of $3,000 dollars for the couch. To date, this couch has remained in Colton’s shop for obvious reasons. The alleged paranormal activity continues to happen, to those who cower around the couch at the consignment store. Even people who have come in contact with it have reported experiencing strange things.

Station KWTX also reported about this couch, erasing computer systems at their news station. It is possible this is some kind of glitch or something else entirely. People are skeptical, as this entire story seems quite ridiculous.

The couch is believed to have been constructed back in the 1950’s. It’s origination is unknown but something mysterious certainly has been going on with this couch according to many. If there is something attached to this couch, it still lingers among this three cushioned couch with six legs.

“My close friend of 30 years, he passed away not long after we took in the couch, it’s a bad luck couch,” says McNeil co-owner of Consignment Furniture.

McLennan County Paranormal Investigators were brought in at some point in time, to see if they could answer some questions about the cursed haunted couch.

Investigator Mike Jacobus said, “If it’s bullet holes in the back bullets could be there, someone could have been murdered on this couch and their spirit has become attached to it for what ever reason.”

Cursed couch captures customers attention

Many spooky speculations keep those coming back, to catch a glimpse of this cursed couch. Those brave enough will actually sit on the couch at their own risk.

(Source: KWTX 10 and National Paranormal Association)

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