Was Rivalino Mafra Da Silva Really Abducted By Aliens?

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It all started back during 1963. During October 13th, a young 16-year-old Rivalino Mafra da Silva was outside and walking back home from a party he attended in the small town of Lavras da Mangabeira, Brazil. He was completely unaware this day would change his life forever. 

While many believe Rivalino’s disappearance could be made up, there is a real possibility that he did have some kind of paranormal experience. That being said, there is no real evidence to support such a claim. To date, this mystery case remains unsolved as time has passed. 

UFO abduction
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Around 2:00 AM Rivalino left the party. He was tired as it was quite late. Eyewitnesses spotted him walking away from the party scene. Rivalino had no identification on him that night. Unfortunately, his body was never found and nobody has been able to piece together any clues of what really happened to him. 

Certainly, he could have been abducted by aliens but maybe something else had happened. Before he mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth, there were a few UFO sightings reported in the area. Some of these witnesses claimed to have seen a bright light in the sky, while others said they watched a strange looking object land in a nearby field. 

A farmer named Joaquim Rodrigues, mentioned he noticed a bright light hovering over his field at 2:00 AM on the same night that Rivalino went missing. This light was about the size of an automobile (car) and emitted a bizarre humming type of sound. 

Rodrigues recalled watching this mysterious light for around several minutes. Then suddenly, it seemed to shoot up into the sky seemingly vanishing into thin air. After this, he decided to contact the police and others reported seeing a similar sighting in the sky according to the police.

While there are many doubters, others think that something did happen to Rivalino that night. There were far too many witnesses around this area for these unusual events to simply be dismissed as nonsense. Considering how long ago all of this happened the mention of UFOs and aliens were less of a common thing as they are nowadays. 

Quite possibly, Rivalino was actually abducted by something. The best guess was some kind of alien entity of some kind. Why they decided to choose him is another question. But, maybe it was more random than anything else. Of course there is no scientific evidence of any kind presented yet to claim he was taken by aliens. However, for whatever different reasons his case has since fascinated many people as it continues to remain quite a mystery. 

There are some other theories about his disappearance. This includes him being murdered while others think he might have simply ran away from home for whatever reasons. 

The disappearance of Rivalino Mafra da Silva is one of the most famous UFO cases in Brazil. His story has been told and retold, and it has inspired a number of books, documentaries, and even a comic book.

Rivalino’s case remains a mystery, but it has helped to fuel the public’s fascination with UFOs. His story is a reminder that there are still many things that we do not know about the universe, and it is a reminder that anything is possible. Cases like this are a reminder that there is much about the universe that we do not know about. 

All of us here are simply a speckle in the greater scope of things. What we do and how we act each day is important because it sends ripples across the universe. Hopefully society will succeed because currently it is in abysmal shape right now. 

Humans need to head into a better direction from what is happening. It makes one wonder how many people go missing each year? The latest report by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) says, more than 600,000 in the United States alone simply vanished without a trace. 

So, what happened to them? Each year there are an estimated 4,400 unidentified bodies that are recovered as well. From what is understood, most of the missing person cases are resolved but there are a number of them that remain a mystery. These are the ones that make us wonder.

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