Ghost boy appears inside hanging Jesus painting

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There are some things that defy no logical explanation. While we are alive in this existence, we have a limited shelf life, until it is time for us to move onward. Sometimes spirits are so troubled from what happened to them, they cannot find any sense of peace. There are both triumphant and tragic things that happen each day, that we learn about or experience ourselves.

A young boy, seemingly appears inside this reprint painting of Jesus Christ. The original painting entitled “Head of Christ” was created by artist Warner Sallman back in 1940. It has since become one, if not the most famous renditions of Jesus ever imagined.

Ghost in Jesus picture

His painting, has since become an iconic Christian devotional art piece. This explains why this reprint, was hanging on the wall of a family living in Largo, Florida back in 1985. It was just before Christmas, when the family of 7 were all living together. The father built the home himself back in the 1950’s.

Explained by either one of the sons or daughters, they went on to say, they felt like this home was always haunted. Sometimes the family dogs, would grow at something that no one else could see. Even the hairs on the dogs would sometimes raise up.

Their sister sometimes would lay in bed at night. She heard both the dogs growling and running back and forth around the home. The dogs would wander from window to window, sniffing and fidgeting around. She also would hear what sounded like chains rattling as well. Being young and scared, she ran out of the room rather terrified.

One morning, she said that she could see their deceased grandfather standing at the foot of her bed. He was smiling at her. Doors would open and there were cold spots around the room. Other oddities including, smelling unusual odors and lights turning on by themselves at all hours of the night and day. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the washer and dryer turning on at 3 a.m.

Their father had a 30 foot long boat, which he kept out in the yard. It was attached to a trailer hitch. The engine would suddenly start up late at night. It was really weird. One time, the father was grabbed by his ankles and yanked out of bed. He screamed waking up their mother. She found him wide-eyed lying on the floor.

One time they explained they were grabbed so hard by their sides that they were in pain from being tickled and tormented. It hurt, as they continued to swing their arms around violently. They could never seem to hit whatever it was doing this. The tickling and grabbing continued for a while until it finally stopped. Another time, they were hit so hard, that they were flung up off the bed. They wondered if it would ever stop.

Quite often, all of the children would be sitting outside in the front of the house, waiting for their parents to return home. Anything like this would scare most people. Further strangeness continued as they heard footsteps, things went missing and even toilets would flush without anyone being in the bathroom. One day they glanced at the painting of Jesus and it confirmed what they already knew…they had a ghost in the house. It seemed to be a young boy spirit.

Ghost in Jesus picture on wall

Later, a psychic was contacted explaining to the family that their home was indeed cursed. Attempts were made to ward off any spirits that were lingering behind. However, after this…the spirit seemed to become even more agitated.

Out of desperation and perhaps stupidity, the family tried using a Ouija board, in hopes to try and make contact with this fiendish spirit. When asked if a spirit was haunting their home, something answered “yes” on the board.

No other information was discovered. Both the mother and father, even tried to use the Ouija board to no avail. It was until later, when the father and mother tried again…to make contact with this evil spirit. When they asked their parents about what the spirit told them, they said they forgot and threw the board away quickly.

Now it is understood, why we leave those boards alone. The family no longer lives in Largo, Florida. However, they mentioned that their parents still experience different moments of paranormal phenomena.

A letter and two photographs were sent in to The Shadowlands website on 8/1/98. The webmaster noted that they had scanned the photos trying to get the best results that they could. The actual real photographs were postal mailed to him. One of these photos was a 8×10 size enlargement of the face. He states that the original photographs are a lot clearer.

Apparently, Shadow Lord (the webmaster) took these photos to a film expert and were later developed. They said, whatever is inside the painting, has its very own light source which is seen illuminating its face of the ghost boy. The film expert asked that they never bring anymore film to them again to be developed, as they were genuinely freaked out.

(Source: The Shadowlands)

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