Polish Priest Performs Exorcism, Receives Text Messages From The Devil

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His name is Father Marian Rajchel. While he was in Jaroslaw, Poland he attempted to perform an exorcism. However, the ritual failed and now he began to receive messages from a demonic source, that he believes to be
‘The Devil’ itself.

Priest Claims Hate Texts Are From Demon Spirit

This dark force, used modern communication to terrorize him. One of these disturbing messages read, ‘Shut up, preacher. You cannot save yourself’. Father Marian believes, that a demonic force has been using a teenager to attack him, through a series of messages.

Typically, mobile phone users don’t even realize that their device can be used in such a way after being hacked. However, this time…it was a far more sinister source. Father Marian proclaims that not only the ‘The Devil’ is using modern technology, but the satanic followers are as well. These are acts of evil according to him.

Another disturbing message read, ‘She will not come out of this hell. She’s mine. Anyone who prays for her will die.’ This was reported about by the Austrian Times and has since remained controversial.

Upon replying to these text messages, Father Marian received another response saying, ‘Shut up, preacher. You cannot save yourself. Idiot. You pathetic old preacher.’

Father Marian said, ‘Clearly this young girl has been possessed, and needs further help.’

This isn’t the first instance of a saint being contacted by a sinner. There have been numerous happenings reported about, regarding demonic possession and exorcism. Famously, the film “The Exorcist” made back in 1973, depicted a possession by a demonic presence.

Father Marian also said there are many different instances of evil spirits that use smartphones and tablets that may well be undetected until it’s too late. The most disturbing thing of these messages is the one that said, ‘Anyone who prays for her will die.’

With anything evil, often fear tactics are used to divide and instill doubt in people’s minds. Dark entities, prey upon the weak minded and those who are lost in life. Let’s hope all of this is a prank and not real. Bad things can come to those who have lost their way. Trust your faith in the almighty God, to ward away such things from your life.

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