After breaking into a funeral home, my life changed forever

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We all have friends that sometimes stand behind us in certain situations. While other times, they challenge us to do the unimaginable. A young man living in outskirts of a city, was dared to break into a funeral home. With one of his friends being female, the guys were out to impress her with their adolescent antics.

One guy in particular, was out to make an impression on this girl, named Sandra. Being typical teenagers, they sometimes get into trouble when forced to impress one another from peer pressure. Things went a little too far for Tony, who was out to win the heart of his secret crush.

Tony was fixated on Sandra’s luscious lips that seemed to keep taunting him all night. He knew he wasn’t going to back down now, he had to get her attention. After all, they all had been drinking for a while, when the conversation switched from truth to dares.

Tony being eager to impress, jokingly cried out “I’ll do it!”. The young man and his friends, grabbed an old wooden board, breaking out the window to the rear entrance of an old nearby funeral home.

Old coffins

After entering inside, they continued exploring…looking around the unusual styled architecture, which stood out among the surrounding neighborhood area. The air inside was musty and smelled like that of something rotten at first. The teens continued to press things further, as they came across coffins and dusty supplies laying around. For the most part, this place was fairly empty inside after closing down.

In the distance, they began hearing a noise like a scratching sound. While it kept getting louder, they started to freak out further. To their relief, it was only a rat scurrying in the darkness. Things only seemed more intense from this moment on. The only light source they had, was that from a lighter, making it difficult to see inside.

On this night, it was eerily pitch black outside. When they entered one room, there was a door that was jammed. This door piqued their curiosity. All three guys, backed up then rushed forward, breaking the door down. Inside was a single coffin, that was unusual from what they could make out in the dim light.

Somehow the conversation turned into another dare, as Sandra said she would make out with whoever was brave enough to get inside the coffin. At first, the guys had a tough time trying to break the latch on the coffin. Eagerly, Tony managed to get inside the coffin first. Rather suddenly, the lid slammed shut by itself.

Tony could only hear the screams and yells of his friends go silent, as his vision turned to nothing but darkness around him. While inside, he felt a warm wetness wash over his head. A large metal broken insert gashed Tony’s head, striking him into sudden unconsciousness. As he escaped into the darkness, he flashed back to his early childhood and how happy he was then. He also began wondering what he could have done, to change his life for the better.

After a while, his friends managed to open the coffin. Their friend was left inside passed out. They phoned for help. When Tony awakened, he was laying on a hospital bed. Tony previously was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now, the tumor was gone and his life will never be the same again. It seems something had other plans for Tony and what he was supposed to do with this life. And by the way, he did get that kiss from Sandra after all.

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