Roswell alien crash site encounter

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Roswell UFO crash site

Roswell has become a hotbed of activity for alien sightings over the years. Many secrets are believed to exist still within this area. One can’t help but ponder the thought of aliens being experimented upon in laboratories underground. A once popular television series named Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode back in 1990. This series documented different encounters and often had actors re-enacting the incidents.

Gerald Anderson watched one of these episodes—regarding Roswell and immediately called the 800 number on screen. You see, Gerald had information he kept to himself for a number of years about Roswell. Incredibly, Gerald had a first hand encounter with an extraterrestrial. The aliens he encountered were still alive and injured from the crash which happened. This information was passed along to several Roswell researchers both Kevin Randle and Stanton Friedman.

Back on the date of February 4th of 1990, Gerald Anderson agreed to do an interview about his alien encounter. Kevin Randle was the first to interview Gerald. He was in disbelieve as details seemed sketchy about the incident. It wasn’t until Stanton Friedman and his interview, when things got interesting.

What Gerald mentioned was nearly unbelievable, but convincing enough to Friedman. The story Gerald mentioned to him, dates back to when he was still young. The year was 1947, Anderson was 6 years old during this time. Gerald still remembers this moment, despite being so very young. That day, Gerald was out rock hunting. It was a warm day and there was a reflection of sorts shimmering from the sands.

roswell ufo crash

It was during this moment, his life would be changed forever. As he approached this strange silver disk vessel, he looked inside and didn’t see anything initially until he wander a bit further. As he glanced over, he noticed three bodies lying on the ground. He was in disbelief, as he watched three non-human alien creatures lying on the ground.

Two of the aliens, didn’t seem to be moving and the third one had difficulty breathing. A fourth alien was sitting on the ground next to the other. It seemed to be administering some sort of CPR to the others trying to help them. Gerald said he would never forget the extraterrestrial that looked towards him. He mentioned that this alien seemed to captivate his mind and felt like it was reading his very thoughts telepathically.

Not long after this encounter, a group of army soldiers came out of nowhere. This seemed to frighten the alien that was helping the others of its kind. The army took over the area immediately and Gerald was forced to leave. Thinking back years later, he reflected upon how he felt sorry for this alien.

alien on table roswell

It had lost several of its crew and then endured scientific experimentation (that he felt happened) not long after he was forced to leave. The situation was indeed grim for this alien creature. One could only imagine the nightmare it experienced. The alien he felt knew, there was no chance of escape as rescue wasn’t an option due to human curiosity. Whether or not the government helped this alien is another story altogether.

Gerald said:

“As a kid, I was aware of what being afraid of the dark was like., and the feeling I got from him at the moment was that feeling multiplied a million times. It was really scary. It was terrifying.”

(Source: Disclose TV)

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