Demonic Baby Doll Head Appears Behind Woman During Her Selfie Video

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During a selfie pose, one user posted on social media a rather unusual looking video. As seen during her pose, a demonic looking baby doll head suddenly appears behind her.

Whether it is fake or not, the video has garnered much attention online. The video was taken in Las Vegas, the 28th-most populated city in the United States. Surely someone else captured this on camera as well?

Pamm Twitter demon face

Some are saying this is a ghost, as it disappears as she turns with her body. While it is possible, much is left to the imagination. The video has appeared on the The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube channel among other places.

On her Twitter account (xoxopamelaa18) “pamm” posted, “Girl…No, I didn’t even notice until today, when I was going through my saved videos from last night!” 

One Twitter user responded saying, “I think my friend found the ghost her name was Claudine Williams. She died in Vegas at 88.” 

Allegedly, there was no one else around when she recorded this. However, one comment was made saying there was a shadow seen on the floor, that looked like another person could have been there standing behind her. 

Another comment made said, “If you notice, she never steps all the way to the left of frame, and actually steps to the right just enough to obscure the face. To be honest, the head or face looks like it came from a mannequin. It even has a neck.”

Most of the time when videos like this surface they are likely fake, yet some believe otherwise. Whether or not this was a real paranormal type moment captured on video is anyone’s best guess. 

Overall, there are more ghost sightings reported about then anything else like this. If this is some kind of demonic entity, then it raises questions why it appeared there with her and why its image was captured during her personal selfie video.
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