Whatever It Was, It Wasn’t My Father

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One woman known as Vanessa M. decided to share her story online. She first contacted the site anomalien.com and then explained in an email what she personally experienced. When people share their personal encounters some of them are difficult to believe yet some of them are so bizarre it makes one wonder what exactly is going on in our world.

It all started about 10 years earlier when she was only six years old. Midland, Texas is a good community of people and not known for such things to happen. Where Vanessa grew up was fairly typical and there was no strange activity here to speak of yet. 

The home she lived in was quaint and upon one night it started to rain heavy outside. Lots of thunder and lightning began to strike down around the property. She recalls playing in the living room alongside her older brother. It dawned on her that she left her backpack inside the car. 

She walked past her mother in the kitchen and then mentioned she was going into their garage. It didn’t take long for her to notice something unusual was going on. Moments after stepping into the garage, she then felt an overwhelming sensation as if fear and anxiety washed over her. 

Vanessa quickly grabbed her backpack and then jumped out of the car, slamming the door shut before rushing back into the house. However, before this she reached for the door handle and heard three separate knocks coming from the garage window. 

She then noticed it was her father who was wearing his truck driving glasses, they were dark and he was holding a large pack of clothes from his load over the week. Often her father was gone working for a trucking company. 

At first, Vanessa felt a sense of relief as it was only her father yet when she called out, “Daddy” he didn’t respond, he had an apathetic look upon his face. Her father then began to point out something only she couldn’t figure it out as she glanced around the room. Vanessa yelled out, “What are you pointing at?” 

Dumbfounded…Vanessa soon realized her father was pointing in the direction of the garage door button so he could get in. After motioning for her to push the button, she had a strange feeling about it. Something just seemed off about all of this. Why was he wearing sunglasses at night during the rain and thunder outside and why hasn’t he answered yet. 

Demonic face in the window

When her father didn’t answer back she soon realized that this wasn’t her father but something else. She believed it to be some kind of demon. This human-like entity appeared with six-inch claws coming from his hand as he scratched the window only to then let loose a shrilling type scream. This demon took the form of her father, so that it could get close to her. If she didn’t listen to her instincts, she believes even to this day that something bad would have happened to her.

The eerie thing about this was after she explained to both her brother and mother what had happened, her mother then phoned her father who was in Houston, Texas about 424 miles east from Midland. Their hearts dropped as they realized something was out there. Whether or not it was human is anyone’s best guess. Was this some kind of evil spirit or a demonic entity?

(Source: Anomalien)

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