Second Sphinx Found In Egypt

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Quite recently in Egypt, a second sphinx was discovered. When engineers and other crew were digging, they stumbled upon a lion’s body with a human head. It is believed that the solar deity Sekhmet was a lioness. This is why a lion was used as representation on the statue. The digging project, was originally intended to expand and fix a road…until an ancient Egyptian Sphinx was soon discovered.

Mohamed Abel Aziz, who is the the Director General of Antiquities, mentioned this structure has not yet been removed from the ground. The road project is on hold, until this large structure can be excavated from the soil properly.

second sphinx found in Egypt

The location has already been opened up to the public to visit, according to Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani. This area is well known for The Great Sphinx of Giza. It is one of the world’s biggest wonders ever. Giza is also believed to be an entryway to hidden labyrinth tunnels.

Who knows just how large this second sphinx will be, until it has been completely excavated. The Great Sphinx of Giza, is one of the world’s largest single-stone statues.made from limestone. It is impressive at almost every level.

From what is known, ancient Egyptians highly regarded the sphinx as a symbol of royalty. Typically, pharaohs would have their heads carved into stone that was later placed on top of their tombs.

The Luxor and Karnak temples are in the ancient city of Thebes. These temples are from 1400 BCE. Excavations of the Luxor temple began back in 1884, when archaeologists found many discoveries which were monumental. The excavation of the site, continued up until the year 1960.

second sphinx found Egypt

A number of archaeologists believe that each sphinx, may well be sitting on top of a series of tunnels and secret passages. These very tunnels, might lead to an underground metropolis. It is also thought that this place is quite massive. One can only imagine, just how magnificent this place might be.

After this second sphinx location has been completely excavated, there are many wondering what might be found. Will this change history itself and where we originated from? Many things have been destroyed or hidden for ages. Why must mankind be left in the dark about what really happened? More answers to these questions remain. It will only be a matter of time before the truth of things comes out.

How long it will take them to dig this sphinx out is unknown. Hopefully things will not be destroyed in the process, as we search for answers.

(Source: Express)

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