Demon Face Manifests During Australian Wildfires

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Great tragedies happen sometimes and we can’t help wondering why they do. What is the purpose for such destruction? Sometimes, superstitions take over and people can see things that intrigue the imagination. One man named Craig Calvert, managed to capture a most compelling image seen within the blaze near his home. 

This Australian dairy farmer, was ready to stop at nothing to fend off the flames. What resembles the devil itself, seems to show its face inside the burning fires emerging off into the distance. The entire incident lasted for 13 hours and Craig was ready to do battle with this enraged wildfire. 

While he spoke with one media outlet from Australia, Craig said, “I’m not really into hokey pokey spooky stuff, but there’s a big devil face right in the fire.” He couldn’t believe what was captured.

Craig Calvert Gippsland fires near Sarsfield

This really seemed to be some kind of demonic face, mocking him. Craig also said he had to fight back these flames 5 times over and he admitted to shaking like a leaf because he know what he was in for. 

Something sinister seemed to be there with him lurking within the very flames before him. People think this is evidence of something. Perhaps it is mere imagination but this face does seem to resemble that of some kind of demonic force.

Apparently, this fire has so far claimed the lives of 20 different people and has already killed half-a-billion animals so far with seemingly no end in sight.
One his Twitter post, Craig said: “This picture was taken in the Gippsland fires near Sarsfield. The demonic apparition in right hand corner of the blaze can’t be unseen.”

Some think dark forces are here within our world and perhaps the end is already near. Whatever this was, it has people second guessing.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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