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Jody and Emma Ouija board session United Kingdom

Ouija Board Experience Gone Wrong

We were contacted by Jody Dean, from the Hunting The Dead YouTube channel. A video was made on September 6th, 2018. In this video, Jody talks about a Ouija board experience that went completely...

The Devil

I Went To Church And Found The Devil

When we go to church we expect to find faith, kindness and understanding. What if however we end up encountering something else entirely? A man shared his story, explaining how he went to church...

Succubus demon girl

Seduced By A Succubus

Generally, when people meet one another, they get along rather well. Sometimes not so much. There are a number of men who found out, some women appear to be much more than they really...

Demons haunt my very soul supernatural

Shadowy Demonic Orbs, Haunt My Very Soul

A teenage girl named Britney crossed paths with something supernatural. It happened to her back in January of 2012. These encounters took place over time, lasting for around several months. Britney said, she witnessed...

The Woodlands Demon

The Woodlands Demon

Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their story with the Ghosts & Ghouls website. One night, while living just outside of Panama City, Florida, they glanced out...

Mad maid possessed

Demonic mad maid captured on camera

In life, there are many things which we don’t understand. Sometimes, we try to label things, so that we can understand them better. It seems that in the country of Singapore, a maid is...