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Ever Think Of Summoning Forth A Demon? Think Again

While most people would never dream of doing something like this, there are some people out there who dabble in the dark arts. It is a dangerous thing to do and likely will bring forth something bad into your life.  These kinds of practices date back many years and often are held in secret locations

Crowd Demons Are All Around Us

Perhaps these are nothing more than anomalies caught on camera. They are known as crowd demons by some people. Sometimes a photo is taken, that looks out of the ordinary. Whatever these things are, they appear more monstrous…often resembling what we think of as a demon.  Many religious folks, think demons walk among us. They

Polish Priest Performs Exorcism, Receives Text Messages From The Devil

His name is Father Marian Rajchel. While he was in Jaroslaw, Poland he attempted to perform an exorcism. However, the ritual failed and now he began to receive messages from a demonic source, that he believes to be ‘The Devil’ itself. This dark force, used modern communication to terrorize him. One of these disturbing messages

Date Gone Wrong, Seduced By A Succubus

What we know about demonic entities in the world is simple, they are here to disrupt our everyday living. Known as a succubus, these female demons (feminine by appearance) have sucked the very life away from many unsuspecting men. An example of this, is a date gone wrong. This is a short film, about a