The Ghostly Story Of Miss Thynne

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While many have speculated about seeing apparitions, some have had interactions with them as well. It all started for one family back in 1961 when they moved into their new home located in the English countryside near Brighton. Previously, this residence was owned by an elderly woman named Miss Thynne. 

Tragically, Thynne would later be killed in an automobile accident back in 1958.  Unaware of what had happened years earlier, the new homeowners would end up experiencing something different indeed. 

Not long after the family moved into their new home, they started to notice some rather unusual happenings around them. The first was when the children were eating breakfast one morning. They began to hear what sounded like piano music coming from the room above their kitchen. 

The strange thing was, the family didn’t own a piano. It was quite odd since nobody was using that room for anything either. When the family went upstairs to investigate what was happening, they noticed the piano music stopped. However, the youngest of the children named Frank said he heard the piano before.

Several weeks had passed and the entire family said they heard this piano music a number of other times as well. Oddly enough, they didn’t hear or see anything else afterward during that time. The strange sounds began to fade away up until the year 1963 when things started happening again. 

While Mrs. Forster was out about her daily routines, she wandered into one room and then began to iron a blouse which seemed to be covered with blood stains. At first, she thought this was from a nosebleed. But she was mistaken. There seemed to be no other blood around where she was. She looked everywhere including the white plaster ceilings from above. 

As time passed by, the year 1971 came along and a friend of the family said they experienced something from out of the ordinary. While staying there overnight, the friend of the family claimed she woke up with what she described as “prickly scalp.” Then she said an intense heat overcame her. It felt like the room was on fire.

When the fire faded away into an intense darkness, she witnessed several white arms with open hands floating in the room. These arms then seemed to float towards her. The woman said she might have been in hell itselfs. Then she began to recite the “Lord’s Prayer” over and over again.

Then she said out loud “Deliver us from evil” both the darkness and flames were gone. The family friend had enough and quickly ran away checking into a nearby hotel. She refused to ever visit with the Forster family ever again.

One other occurrence happened in the year 1973, when Mr. Forster was out on a business trip. The mother had just gone to sleep after her children did. It didn’t take long for Mrs. Forster to realize something was wrong.


A elderly woman entered the room she was in and then closed the door behind her. The old woman was dressed in a long dark dress and then moved towards her. Mrs. Forster screamed out loud “Who are you?” and “What do you want?”. Moments later the apparition vanished into thin air. 

This wasn’t the last time anyone witnessed this ghostly woman. The last time occurred back in September of 1976. Again an unknown red liquid manifested on a table, just minutes after Mrs. Forster finished cleaning it. 

However, no source for the liquid was ever found. As it turns out, the description of the woman did match up with the woman who lived there years earlier. The family had enough of these strange encounters and ended up selling the home.

It seems the ghost of Miss Thynne continues to linger behind at this location for whatever different reasons. She is unable to move on into the afterlife it seems. 

(Source: Soul Ask)

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