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Taco Bell Co-Workers Experience Ghostly Activity

While working at their local Taco Bell location, one worker decided to share their bizarre encounters while they worked there. They decided not to share their identity so they along with their co-workers wouldn’t be ridiculed. This anonymous person explained how when they first worked there, they began to witness some strange things. The first

Mansion Declared Legally Haunted Now On Sale For $1.9 Million Dollars

If someone wealthy out there is interested in the paranormal and getting closer to it, then they have the chance to purchase a mansion valued at $1.9 million dollars. Allegedly, this location is haunted by spirits from the Revolutionary War.  Whether or not this is a gimmick is unknown, but the 4628-square-foot mansion went up

Spectres Continue To Appear Along A Scotland Highway Road

The road has been well regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world. Many have seen spooky spectres appear here as they drive. Annan Road, A75 Kinmount Straight is a roadway that reaches through Dornock.  At some point, there was talk of Scottish officials improving the road, but they believe the restless

The Haunted History Of The Audubon House Doll

A strange occurrence took place in Key West, Florida back more than 200 years ago. A doll belonged to a little girl, who had died from a cholera epidemic that killed many other children during this time. They were brought to the Audubon house in Key West. This residence, was once the home of Captain