Category: Haunted

Mauna Lani Golf Course

Hawaiian Restroom Believed To Be Haunted

While a woman living in Hawaii was out having dinner at the Mauna Lani golf course on the Big Island of Hawaii, she experienced something quite unusual. This happened less than 24 hours ago...

Demons haunt my very soul supernatural

Shadowy Demonic Orbs, Haunt My Very Soul

A teenage girl named Britney crossed paths with something supernatural. It happened to her back in January of 2012. These encounters took place over time, lasting for around several months. Britney said, she witnessed...

Haunted Toy Clown Doll UK

Possessed Clown Toy Moves By Itself

This incident happened in Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley, Leicester. The clown toy, has been nicknamed “Bob”. It seems this toy is unlike others. From what is known, this musical clown toy...