Pine Barrens, Haunted Home Of The Jersey Devil

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This area seems to cover about 22% of the southern part of New Jersey. Because of this, many locations around here are full of folktales and legends of a horrendous creature known as The Jersey Devil. The demonic presence of this entity is enough to send a shivering chill down anyone’s spine who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with it. The 1.1 million acres here have been deemed as protected land since 1978. A fair number of people have come and gone over time. The Lenni Lenape Indians lived here far long ago back around 1200 A.D. 

Pine Barrens New Jersey
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Since the 1690s, European settlers have moved into the Mullica River region of the Pine Barrens. They’ve slowly grown in size, and New Jersey played a large role in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Coal discovered nearby in Pennsylvania triggered large-scale migration to the state, many people believing they would find jobs and a better life there. They had no clue what this place would inevitably become. 

The most popular stories about the Pine Barrens involve things like ghosts and paranormal activity. These stories often draw in tourists, contributing to the area’s high unemployment rates. Much of the Pine Barrens’ supernatural activity is said to come from James Still, a doctor who was lynched for practicing in the medical field during the time of slavery. In contrast to other spirits who haunt the area, it’s said that Still is a friendly spirit who actually helps people in need.

A fair share of ghost towns in these parts have been swallowed up due to superstitions. The pines in the area – are all but a remnant from the past. Back in history, a number of moonshiners also set up shop here and did some shady dealings. Due to the sandy acidic soil here, it made living conditions here quite difficult. Only those who were desperate enough to call this place home endured such hardships. 

Known locally as ‘Piney’s’, these people consisted of many poachers, deserting soldiers, slaves and fugitives. Nowadays, if someone wandered through here – they would stumble across some not-so-abandoned homes being used by the modern-day Piney person who is proud of their past.

The Jersey Devil
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With The Jersey Devil, there are many folks who have best described this abomination as a monster bestowed with that of a goat’s head, cloven type hooves, large leather-like bat wings and a forked type tail. One of the eldest legends about The Jersey Devil says, the beast was born to a witch residing in the area. This very witch roamed here back during the year 1735. The witch’s name was Mother Leeds. She was believed to be the culprit who was responsible for killing many livestock in the area. 

So much tragedy seems to linger in these parts but with it comes an interesting backstory and tales of many paranormal type encounters along the way. Whether or not it is actually haunted is another story but for sure it is a place you would likely not want to wander around in at night, especially all alone.

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