Mysterious Crop Circle Turns Green In Weathered Autumn Field

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What looks like a lush green area of an autumn brown field appears to have turned green. It is believed to be a crop circle of some kind. This unusual sighting is located near a field in Tichborne, Hampshire.

Mysterious Autumn Crop Circle Appears

This location experienced a partial lunar eclipse which some believe is responsible for the unusual growth that occurred during the drab fall setting.

There are many questions about this spot. The area still looked green as a drone flew over the top of this location. The video was later uploaded on October 23rd.

It is clear enough to see everything around this place. Most certainly the contrast between the green and autumn brown makes this crop circle pop from even far away.

This strange phenomenon is considered a crop circle ghost. The grass within the circle continued to flourish and grow at an accelerated rate. Interestingly enough, there are no crops in these fields or leaves dropping down to the ground here before the winter arrives.

Many things are left unexplained in this world. Some speculate that humans only know only a small fraction of the truth. There are even tools used to help measure the radiative transfer and biophysical characteristics of plants. Likely samples were taken from this spot. It would be interesting to know what these tests revealed.

Rumors have spread about the British Government undertaking covert type operations in regards to crop circles. What exactly are they doing with these areas? Perhaps it is all part of another plan to change the landscape in some way or some other mission.

Otherwise, when some crop circles are formed, they are believed to have been made by another life force from far away. Many think that aliens are responsible for these unusual looking designs made.

However, a number of circles that have been revealed to have been made by people. This crop circle stands out among others for its green growth. It is really something to behold.

One person commented, “This is absolutely breathtaking. May I inquire how the depressed image is green while the rest of the crops are yellow/brown? It’s sooo amazing and beautiful!”

(Source: Anomalien)

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