Alien distress call recorded deep beneath ocean

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Mariana Trench

Deep down beneath Mariana’s Trench, a wondrous sound was heard not long ago. It has people perplexed at what it might well be. Mariana’s Trench, is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. The estimation is, this extraordinarily deep part of the ocean is roughly 124 miles/200km east of the Mariana Islands.

This part of the ocean is 10,994 meters deep (6.8 miles) it is one, if not the deepest part of the ocean known to mankind. The Mariana Trench, was named from the nearby Mariana Islands located here. Historically, they were named Las Marianas. This was to honor Spanish Queen Mariana of Austria, the widow of Philip IV of Spain. The elevation of this location is: -36,069.6′

Marina's Trench alien sound heard

Apparently, an alien like call was heard coming far beneath the oceans surface, using what is known as a hydrophone. (A specialized microphone used for recording underwater or to listen to underwater sound)

Scientists are indeed baffled at what was heard. It is simple chilling to listen to—according to some people. A number of researchers from the Hatfield Marine Science Centre located in Newport, Oregon were shocked to learn of this strange sound. The noise heard is comparable to that of a whale, but not quite. This noise was accidentally discovered while monitoring whales and has a rather unique sound to it.

Whale tail in ocean

The sound heard and recorded lasts only a mere three seconds long, and during the playback a moaning noise is heard which hits a super-low and super-high frequency. While anything is possible, some experts believe they only picked up a never before heard whale sound. Others, think it is something else entirely from the deep uncharted depths of the ocean. Perhaps something else lives this far deep beneath the ocean alien to us by nature.

Mariana’s Trench is a crescent-shaped scar in the Earth’s crust, and it measures well over 1500 miles/2550km long. The very bottom of this trench, the water column has a pressure of 1,086 bars (15,750 psi), this is more than 1,000 the times of standard atmospheric pressure found at sea level. With this amount of pressure, the density of the water is thereby increased by 4.96% percent. The temperature at the very bottom of this location is between 1 to 4 °C (34 to 39 °F).

Ocean floor below UFO alien

What might live down at this depth is mind boggling to think about, there is much sea life still undiscovered and possibly will never be found within our lifetime.

(Source: Wikipedia and Cosmos News)

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