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Riddled with rumors Helltown, Ohio permanently closed

Now an abandoned village, this remote location is riddled with rumors and numerous urban legends that have taken place here. Originally established back in 1806, this area flourished until 1974. President Gerald Ford, later would sign a bill which allowed the National Park Service to create a National Park in the county area. After this,

Legend of Kuchisake-onna, the woman with a split mouth

This urban legend, comes from Japan involving a young woman—who vengefully kills those who cross paths with her. If someone is wandering alone at night, they unfortunately will meet up with Kushisake Onna. This name means “The woman with a split mouth”. Quite typically, she will be dressed in a long trench coat and part

Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman who was horribly disfigured. Many referred to her as “The Donkey Lady”. The location where this happened, is in San Antonio, Texas. Often, people mentioned hearing noises much like what a donkey or horse would make. When they turned to look

Curse of the Crying Boys

He was born as Bruno Amadio in Vence, Italy back in 1911. Later, he became known as Giovanni Bragolin an Italian painter, who created works of art still revered today. He also was known as Franchot Seville, Angelo Bragolin, Giovanni Bragolin and J. Bragolin (if the signatures on his paintings were read incorrectly) Giovanni Bragolin

The hairy hands of Dartmoor

Long ago, back in 1910…on a dark winters night, the first incident happened on a road located in the United Kingdom. This road was once known as Carter’s Road, named after the man who originally built it. Now, the road is known as the road between Postbridge and Two Bridges. Numerous encounters with a pair