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White dragon shot and killed in Malaysia


These photos were taken which resemble a small sized dragon. The creature is reminiscent of the luck dragon named Falcor from the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. From ancient myths and stories of dragons throughout Asia, these have been a part of legends and lore. According to reports, a fisherman from Mongolia caught this rather unusual creature. The shape and size of it does indeed resemble something from Chinese mythology.


Where there is one, there is another and rumors have sprouted up reporting a similar creature may exist within the same area where this dragon was found. Perhaps these are a certain species of dragons which only grow to this size. From all of the stories in mythology, dragons are depicted as being larger and much more scary. Usually they hoard their treasure deep within caverns and other remote locations.

The fisherman’s name is Longwei and it actually means dragon greatness in Chinese. This story has since gone viral around the internet and people are now wondering about our past history being accurate or not. This small dragon creature was found in the depths of a freshwater lake according to this fisherman.

Anything like this of course gets questioned and whether or not it is indeed for real. Nothing has been proven yet as the government has taken the evidence away. No other photos or any video has been discovered yet to support the claim of this found dragon. Is this just an elaborate puppet which was made?

Perhaps so, but a well designed one at that. You can see among the fur the dragon has horns coming from the top of its head as well. Also, the dragon has four limbs with claws on each of them. When we think of dragons usually they are covered in scales not fur.

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What appear to be whiskers also are seen in the photos. The dragon has been wounded by a supposed bullet which entered its abdomen area from underneath. This further makes it seems suspicious that a fisherman would carry a gun while fishing. Another story about this is floating around mentioning that the dragon was first shot by a fruit orchard owner.

He woke up after hearing screams and growls much like what a tiger would make. After this, the orchard owner went downstairs and found this strange animal dining on a rabbit. The orchard owner then fired his rifle eight times striking the dragon creature and it died on the floor. Apex TV made a video about this seen here.

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