The Ghost of Longleat House

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Longleat House

Regarded as one of the most compelling videos of a ghost ever seen on camera, the location is set in the United Kingdom. Known as the Longleat House, this video shows a ghostly figure wandering down the stairs. It appears almost as a shadow walking slowly step by step.

A man is heard towards the end saying, “I think I saw a ghost” who captured it on video. There is a creaking on the floors and flickering of the lights as a ghost-like figure makes its way down the staircase. It presents a rather ominous setting for the viewer, yet creepy as well.

The ghost video remains compelling today, as experts continue to analyze the video footage what was taken. More sights can been seen in this area, including one of the worlds longest hedge mazes which is also located here. The Longleat House is one of the West’s oldest and most historic buildings. Queen Elizabeth I herself has visited here.

Longleat Maze

The basement areas have since been opened to the public, which include eerie tours of deserted corridors in a series of new Ghost Tours held here. Legend has it, that the Grey Lady still haunts the house and grounds also. In 1733, Lady Louisa Carteret (a lovely and gentle lady) married the 2nd Viscount Weymouth.

She continues to search for her footman, who was murdered by the order of her jealous husband. Her footman was very devoted to her. He was a true, ‘good and faithful servant’. It is believed that her footman, was ambushed and thrown downstairs—breaking his neck after the confrontation.

Longleat Ghost night and day

After the footman’s death, her husband Thomas quickly made up the story—that the footman left without word. In actuality, Thomas had the footman buried in the cellar and conjured up the tale of the footman simply leaving the estate. She suspected her husband had imprisoned him, somewhere inside the enormous estate.

Lady Louisa Carteret (The Grey Lady) got her nickname as she often dressed in grey (English spelled) clothing. She has been seen roaming the grounds of the estate as well, looking for her beloved footman. This is now known as the Green Lady’s Walk.

The location of Longleat House is adjacent to the village of Horningsham. It is also near Warminster and Westbury located in Wiltshire and Frome in Somerset. It stands on prominently 900 acres of beautiful parkland, landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown back in the 1700’s. This estate once was a medieval Augustine priory, until King Henry the VIII fell out with the Roman Catholics. For those seeking a historical experience, this is a good spot to visit.

(Source: Real British Ghosts)

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