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Caveman found in Himalayas


In the far remote area of the Himalaya mountains a well preserved discovery was found. A team composed by both Swedish and Norwegian explorers found what appears to be a frozen caveman. Believed to be from the tribe of Hominini dating back around 2 million years ago. This discovery was among 65 different cavities of caves all varying in size.

himalayan mountains

The adult male (Homo habilis) was well preserved from the weather conditions throughout time. The exact cause of this male isn’t known yet, but will be after further research is conducted. This era of time is known as the paleolithic era. During this time period, primitive stone tools were used demonstrating some sign of intelligence.

A stone spear was discovered among the corpse of this adult male along with badly damaged leather items. This to date, is the oldest sign of humanoid life ever found in this particular region. The team and others have so far discussed different theories such as—this male outliving his family and friends from good survival and DNA.


When carbon dating tests are done, this should open up a new interpretation of the colonization of our world by human species. The Homo habilis wasn’t believed to travel so far from the original origination of Africa and thereby living in such a hostile climate within the Himalayas.

It is quite literally a miracle of sorts for this corpse to be so well preserved. The various temperatures kept his body covered in ice for millenniums. Further exploration may find more human and animal remains. However, getting teams here will prove challenging to say the least due to the location and weather conditions for a scientific expedition.

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