Shadowy fiend found

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A place with a disturbing past can lead to things going bump in the night. Sometimes trapped souls can’t move forward or a person or place becomes a vessel for evil to manifest itself. It usually isn’t a persons fault for this, but a haunted history certainly doesn’t help. A family has been living in a remote house atop a hillside, it was an old farmhouse estate. The family has been there for many years. The view surrounding the place is rather majestic, as in the distance lies a pond and the edge of the forest.

The two-story farmhouse is rather large yet well built. The unusual event took place during the 1970’s. There was a man, several of his brothers and his four daughters living there. There was certainly enough room for all of them.

One night the father was fast asleep, suddenly he wakes up hearing a shrilling scream coming from upstairs. To his absolute horror, he opens the door to find something choking one of his daughters. It wasn’t human; it was a dark shadow figure. It had hands, but without fingers. Gasping for air, she clinched her throat from being strangled by this shadowy fiend. Not knowing what to do initially, he yelled out as his brothers came into the room.

Several of the other sisters were panicked, scarred and standing against the wall screaming also. One of them was trying to grab this thing as she kept swinging with her fists at it. The grip tightened as the sister is near death from strangulation. One brother grabbed a lantern re-entering the room. Together they all rushed the 8 foot shadowy figure. It turned to them with its red glowing eyes. While they were scared, it was enough to ward off what evil was there.

Shadowy figure

The window was smashed as this thing wandered out into the night—seemingly headed towards the edge of the forest. Whatever this was, it was something which haunted them the rest of their lives. The windows stayed locked away from the nighttime skies. This shade shifted into the shadows leaving behind a terrified family asking many questions.

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