Levitating little girl

Levitating little girl

This video apparently was taken in Russia. It shows a young girl with a woman who seems to have levitated in the air. It is quite possible she is being suspended by a wire of some type. This girl couldn’t weigh more than 60 pounds, so the wire wouldn’t have to be but so big to hold her in the air. There are several theories of what this could be. One is she has been spelled by a witch. Others believe that she is not from our world. Whatever the case may be, she has people thinking about the possibility of supernatural powers.

It is difficult to tell if an actual wire was used due to the quality of the image, but if this is an actual encounter of the unexplained, then it is quite incredible. Russia is known for having a gypsy community so this is another possibility as well. Gypsies are known to dabble with forces such as curses and blessings. Another scenario is a nearby demonic presence lifted her high off the ground.

In the world both good and evil forces exist, but perhaps there is a neutral ground as well. Many scientists dismiss the possibility of paranormal presences—yet there are many things which happen that humankind has not an answer for.

How this video made its way onto the internet dates back to 2011, a Russian man was walking his dog “Tarzan” who decided to take video of the forest with his phone. He happened to stumble upon this rather unusual encounter after calling out and following his dog. The dog reacted in such a way that it was scared. He dropped his phone then quickly searched for it. Did he drop it from fright? Perhaps he was terrified at what he had seen. The lady who was with the young girl takes off with her into the forest.

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