Closely departed

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Chilling encounters happened in what seemed the land of the living. This story involves a woman who lost her sister from a suicide years ago. They were close as sisters go, especially since they were little girls, they had an unbreakable bond with one another.
It is heart wrenching for anyone to lose a loved one, but this time around the departed has decided to return with certain intentions to make things right.

These closely bonded sisters were in fact twins. There was an unmistakable entity which seemed to always look over the shoulder of the other sister beyond death. In fact, this sister was headed towards work one day, when she heard a voice whisper in her ear saying: “Stop!” (She then slammed on her brakes) as fate would have it, moments later…several cars crashed into one another at an intersection on the highway.

This was a messy accident, as both drivers were badly injured. One of them didn’t make it and suffered bad internal injuries. The sister was completely freaked out realizing she may have died. For days, she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Eventually she gathered herself returning to her routines.
As it turns out, these sisters always watched each others back. They didn’t let things get in the way of them and their relationship with one another. The sister who died, the other twin had left behind a husband and two small children. These people are good people, the kind of neighbors you want to have around and can be friends with.asian-twin-sisters

One day, the sister decided to visit her niece and nephew while they were swimming at a large lake where the family would gather before on holidays. The children are still quite young and inexperienced with swimming. As it turns out, her niece slipped striking her head on a nearby rock knocking her unconscious in the water, with only moments to spare any several eye witnesses around seemed to witness a sudden miracle of sorts. The rather lifeless body of this child was dragged onto the shore. But, there wasn’t anyone around. It seems the closely departed sister beyond death saved her niece from an early grave.


Nobody truly knows why the other sister killed herself, but in her afterlife she wanted some sort of redemption and wanted to keep her family safe. Time passed by and this sister eventually found romance in her life ironically with a man who resembled her brother in law.

Twins can either be mono-zygotic (“identical”), meaning that they develop from one zygote that splits and forms two embryos, or dizygotic (“fraternal”), meaning that they develop from two eggs, each fertilized by separate sperm cells.

While losing someone is tough, you can always hold onto your memories with them while they were still around.

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