The Enfield horror

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Enfield monster

Some things simply can’t be explained. There are many things which we simply don’t understand, these things are often eerie. There have been been numerous sightings showcasing strange and unusual things each and every year. Back in the early 1970’s, a young boy named Greg Garrett mentioned a rather peculiar sighting. This was unlike anything else ever recorded until now. It happened in south eastern Illinois in the month of April.

While Greg was playing in his yard, he noticed something quite bizarre from the distance when suddenly it ran towards him. Whatever this thing was, it had three legs, its skin was slimy in appearance and had short claws. The eyes of the beast were red looking. Greg was in awe of such a strange sight.

There was nothing mentioned about this unknown creature anywhere. With nothing recorded about this thing, he didn’t know what he was up against. This creature also had foot-like appendages. They were sharp and the creature came over to him afterward stomping on his feet—tearing his snickers to shreds.

Greg had no idea what he was up against, this weirdo looking monster ran off into the woods. At the time, Greg was staying at his parents home. With no time to waste, he quickly yelled out at the top of his lungs to get attention. By doing this, the creature seemed startled quickly scurrying away.

Enfield creature

Greg was the first to actually see this beast—but he wasn’t the only one. Later, his neighbors down the street came face to face with the creature as well. The McDaniel family also couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Around 30 minutes past, Henry McDaniel was returning home from work when several of his children ran to him screaming in terror. Initially he dismissed such nonsense, until he himself came to believe his children s strange tale.

It was in the evening around 9:30 at night, this creature tried to break into their home through a window mounted air conditioner unit. It was in the summer and certainly hot outside. His children explained this thing was scratching at the door trying to get in.

Henry himself started hearing noises coming from the front door. To his surprise, the creature was there jumping around and frantically trying to enter the house. He quickly shut the door and reached for his 22 caliber pistol which he had hidden in the closet. He opened the door again, this time not mistaking this for some kind of hallucination.

Henry insists that when he fired he actually landed a hit on the strange looking beast. He was fearful for himself and his family and simply wanted to protect them. While this story is fascinating the only real evidence of the encounter, were the unusual scratch markings made along the siding of the McDaniel’s home. There also were footprints representing a three toe set. Several of the tracks were slightly smaller in size compared to the others.

With all the madness happening in this area, the County Sheriff Roy Poshard Jr., was so disgruntled about the situation that he threatened to incarcerate McDaniel if he didn’t stop spreading pandemonium to the locals about his eye witness testimony. Even amateur monster hunters started coming out of the woodwork trying to find and kill this five foot thing.

Another sighting did occur when Rick Rainbow the news directory of radio station WWKI located in Kokomo, Indiana mentioned a similar sighting. He and three other people noticed not far from the McDaniel place a creature running away from them. It was also described as being the same height around five feet, gray colored and stooped as it ran. Rick did manage to record the creature’s cry on audio. It was a wailing type sound also heard by researcher Loren Coleman. They tried to find and try the creature which also seemed to making a hissing sound.

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