The psychokinetic powers of Nina Kulagina

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A Russian woman named Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina, was believed to have had an extraordinary gift. Using her psychokinetic power, she was able to move objects with her mind. Ninel lived to be 63 years old and was born on July 30th, 1926.

While something such as this can seem quite skeptical, there are those who believe that she was the real deal. She was suspected however, to use hidden magnets and threads to perform her amazing feats.

According to British author Joel Levy and American science writer Mike Dash, Kulagina was caught on several occasions using tricks to impress people. But this wasn’t officially proven either. Kulagina, would later go on to sue a Soviet government magazine, who accused her of fraudulence. Later, in 1987, Kulagina won a partial victory in the case brought against her.

Image: Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina

Image: Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina

Kulagina, went on to join the Red Army when was 14 years old. She became a part of the military’s tank regiment during World War II. Kulagina first recognized her gift, while one day, she became really angry. Things randomly began to move around her. She also believes that she inherited her psychokinetic ability from her mother.

From curiosity, a number of scientists (40 in total) decided to study Kulagina. (Several of them were Nobel laureates) A man named Larry Kettlekamp, admitted to Kulagina being filmed breaking two eggs which were submerged underwater with her psychic abilities.

Ninel Kulagina telekinetic abilities

The eggs were moved a part, as she separated the yolks. During this time, she was monitored and her heartbeat and brainwave activity supposively changed. It was believed, that an electromagnetic field around her, was seemingly altered as her pulse raced to 250 beats per minute.

Another extraordinary moment made by Kulagina, was when she stopped a frog’s heart, making it beat slower then faster just with her thoughts. This took place at a Leningrad laboratory on March 10, 1970. Other moments documented about her, included her removing a marked matchstick out from a pile of matchsticks…while under a glass dome container.

It was reported in a documentary style news clip, that Kulagina would even lose up to 3 pounds after a demonstration of her psychokinetic powers. There are those who believe and others who don’t and it is as simple as that.

During this time period, the Soviet Union were intent to demonstrate propaganda as they appeared to win the “Psi Race”. Kulagina it seems, was caught up in the middle of all this. And by default, she became an example to the public.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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