Japanese giant found on film

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While many have simply dismissed this as studio magic, it hasn’t officially been unproven yet. There appears to be a giant sized Japanese sumo wrestler featured in the film “Big like Japan” which was released back in 2007. What people fail to realize is the footage used dates back even further. Japan has a history of cinema spanning more than 100 years.

What this means is on camera an actual giant sized man was captured on camera. He parades through the city as a beacon of hope to destroy the forces of evil in the film. Who was this man? His name was Raiden Tameemon. He was born in a farming village in the rural province of Shinano known as Seki Tarokichi on January of 1767.


He died at age 58 on February 11th of 1825. Raiden was never promoted to Yokozuna (the highest rank of a sumo wrestler). Believed to be a Nephilim giant. They were the offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of men before Genesis 6:4 in the bible before the great flood happened. Raiden was said to have possessed great physical strength even at an early age.

His father Hanemon also enjoyed sumo as much as sake. He decided to encourage Raiden into becoming a sumo wrestler. Raiden would then start training from age 14 onward at a place called Nagaze known today as Murokocho. Raiden was already that of ozeki which is the highest rank on the banzuke and the House of Yoshida Tsukasa. He didn’t really come into his own until later. When Raiden reached age 17 he was rather impressive from his physique.

He towered above everyone else as he grew and got bigger (especially wider). The typical height of a Japanese man is around 5 feet 7 inches tall. Raiden had a natural knack for sumo wrestling. He specialized in the oshi-sumo techniques making him able to move very fast for his size.

Later, Raiden left his house stable and joined Isenoumi-beya. It was there that Yokozuna Tanikaze became his coach and mentor as he honed his craft. Image this guy walking down your neighborhood. He would certainly turn heads. The exact date of the footage is still a mystery.

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