Bizarre “Chemical Foam Cloud” Floats Across Virginia Parking Lot

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A video was released recently, that seems to show a chemical cloud of sorts floating across a Virginia parking lot. It is unknown where in Virginia this took place. But a few people managed to record it with their camera phone.

Unfortunately, the camera work isn’t the best and they stayed back a ways from where the cloud actually was. It is frustrating for most people to not see better footage of this. It was a once in a lifetime type of moment.

Mystery chemical cloud Virginia

Likely they were afraid of what it might be. Some are saying this could be a UFO cloaked inside of a small cloud. This would make it a probe like scout, capturing a more close up view of people and places around the area.

Some people said they noticed what resembled a cockpit window, while looking at this UFO type object. One theory is, the object in question accidently was revealed in front of these people for whatever different reason.

The possibility of stealth a UFO isn’t new but the thought of them moving all around us is rather intriguing. Perhaps we are being monitored by some kind of extraterrestrial species. 

Others think it wasn’t thick enough to be a chemical foam cloud. To them, it was something else entirely that couldn’t be explained. The shape of this object kind of looks like small sized van. A protrusion of sorts seems to stick out from the front of this cloudy object. What could it be? Anything is possible at this point. 

It would be interesting if someone had used a stick or something else, to touch this mystery cloud and see what would have happened. Of course they weren’t brave enough to adventure closer towards it.

Being both panicked and confused, these people didn’t know what exactly to do. Most people would likely be afraid of something that they don’t understand or know about. For now, we are all left scratching our heads over this one.

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